One Piece Odyssey - Exploration System

Overview and guide about the exploration and dungeon system of One Piece Odyssey, including a breakdown of new and unique features in the game.

One Piece Odyssey - Adventure and Dungeon Exploration Guide

Exploration System Explained in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey exploration and dungeon adventuring systems introduce new aspects.

Unique Features

Here are unique and new features of One Piece Odyssey’s battle system:

Switch between Strawhat Crew Members

One Piece Odyssey - Crew Members Menu

While exploring, players can freely switch between different Straw Hat Crew members, adding the fun of discovery and variety to the movement system.

You can also change the Lead Member as you explore, by pressing L or R D-Pad (Directional Button) and you can choose which crew member you want to lead the group.

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Field Actions Skills

Field Actions assign a role to each Straw Hat while exploring. Zoro can cut through iron bars and open chests, while Franky can build bridges.

In addition, you can use Usopp’s slingshot to hit distant targets. Meanwhile, Chopper is compact enough to fit into tight quarters. Sanji can look for cooking ingredients and Nami can look for money on the ground. These field actions can also be used to solve dungeon puzzles.

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Field Talk

The game also allows players to listen in on various character conversations. The crew members in the party will engage in various conversations with each other whenever the player moves to a new location.

These casual conversations between the Straw Hat Crew during their adventure will allow not only fans of “ONE PIECE,” but also newcomers to the series, to experience and enjoy the characters’ personalities.

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Getting Started

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