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Scarlet Nexus Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Page containing all main story walkthroughs, side quests, trophies, beginner’s guides, boss guides, best character build guides, best companions, the best equipment, best Brain Map skills, all Character Bond Episodes, post-game unlockables, new game plus (NG+), weapons, plug-ins, items, enemies, game databases, cheats, tips, news and updates, and more. Scarlet Nexus is a single-player, action role-playing game developed by Bandai Namco Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Windows PC via Steam. It is scheduled for release on June 25th, 2021.

News and Updates

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Demo Walkthroughs

▼Demo Walkthroughs
Yuito’s Story Demo Walkthrough Kasane’s Story Demo Walkthrough

Yuito Route Walkthroughs

▼Yuito Main Story Walkthroughs
Phase 0 (Prologue): Reunion Phase 1: Trusting the Path to the Future
Phase 2: Days of Disquieting Stagnation Phase 3: Inside Upside Down Reality
Phase 4: Fate Split in Two Phase 5: A Changed World and Creeping Unease
Phase 6: Choice to Face It, Eyes Open Phase 7: Where Lost Memories Lead
Phase 8: Collecting Pieces of Unknown History Phase 9: Eternal Vow, Eternal Bond
Phase 10: Conclusion and An Accidental Meeting Phase 11: Feeling Unraveled Time Together
Phase 12: Path to the Future and Freedom

Yuito Route Walkthroughs and Guide

Kasane Route Walkthroughs

▼Kasane Main Story Walkthroughs
Phase 0 (Prologue): Encounter Phase 1: Searching for Freedom
Phase 2: Broken, Scattered Days Phase 3: Fate to Move Upon Awakening
Phase 4: What Waits at the End Phase 5: The Point of No Return
Phase 6: To Get Back What’s Important Phase 7: Intertwining Thoughts and Confusion
Phase 8: They Speak of the Hidden Past Phase 9: Protecting Lives and Protected Lives
Phase 10: Conclusion, and an Accidental Meeting Phase 11: Feeling Unraveled Time Together
Phase 12: Path to the Future and Freedom

Kasane Route Walkthroughs and Guide

Side Quests

Yuito Route Quests

▼Yuito Route Quests
Phase 1: Don’t Get Cocky Quest Phase 2: Surprise Test!
Phase 2: Trouble with Fire Phase 2: Human-like, but Not 
Phase 2: Surprise Test Cont. Phase 3: Steel Body 
Phase 4: Eyes that See  Phase 4: Destroy the Shell
Phase 5: The Urge to Train Phase 5: For a Teammate
Phase 5: Fire with Fire Phase 5: Environmentalism
Phase 6: Infinite Multiplying Phase 7: Vision and Reflexes
Phase 7: Brain Field Data

Kasane Route Quests

▼Kasane Route Quests
Phase 1: Top Cadet’s Prowess Quest Phase 2: Collecting Donations
Phase 2: Trouble with Moisture Phase 2: Surprise Test!
Phase 3: Brain Drive Training Phase 3: Missed Deadline
Phase 5: Incredible Speed Phase 5: Barrage Attack
Phase 5: Power Analysis Phase 7: Easy Victory
Phase 7: Aerial Attack

All Side Quests


▼Boss Guides
Scarlet Nexus - Gunkin PerryGunkin Perry Scarlet Nexus - Dispen PerryDispen Perry


Playable Characters

▼All Playable Characters
Scarlet Nexus - Yuito Sumeragi IconYuito Sumeragi Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Randall IconKasane Randall

Companion Characters

▼All Companion Characters
Scarlet Nexus - Arashi Spring IconArashi Spring Scarlet Nexus - Kyoka Eden IconKyoka Eden
Scarlet Nexus - Shiden Ritter IconShiden Ritter Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne IconKagero Donne
Scarlet Nexus - Tsumgumi Nazar IconTsugumi Nazar Scarlet Nexus - Luka Travers IconLuka Travers
Scarlet Nexus - Gemma Garrison IconGemma Garrison Scarlet Nexus - Hanabi Ichijo IconHanabi Ichijo

Key Characters

▼All Key Characters
Scarlet Nexus - Cullen Travers IconCullen Travers Scarlet Nexus - Fubuki Spring IconFubuki Spring
Scarlet Nexus - Nagi Karman IconNagi Karman Scarlet Nexus - Naomi Randall IconNaomi Randall

Support Characters

▼All Support Characters
Scarlet Nexus - Seto Kaminari IconSeto Narukami Scarlet Nexus - Kodama Melone IconKodama Melone
Scarlet Nexus - Wataru Frazer IconWataru Frazer Scarlet Nexus - Haruka Frazer IconHaruka Frazer
Scarlet Nexus - Kaito Sumeragi IconKaito Sumeragi Scarlet Nexus - Kaito Sumeragi IconJoe Sumeragi

All Characters

Strategy Guides

Beginner’s Guides

▼Beginner’s Guides
Game Editions Game Controls
Game Difficulty Permanent Events
Stats Guide Status Effects Guide
Which Character Should You Pick First? Beginner’s Guide
Tips for Combat

Useful Guides

▼All Useful Guides
Trophies Post-game Unlockables
Best Weapons for Each Character Best Plug-ins
Best Brain Map Skills Best Companions
All Character Episodes Guide Money Farming Guide
BP Farming Guide EX New Game (NG+)
Musubi Codes and Rewards List Enemy Drops
Side Quests List How to Get Phantom Art Weapon Material
Character Gift Guide All Mysterious Text Data Locations
Redeem DLC and Pre-order Bonuses How to Save Game Data

Bond Episode Guides

▼All Companion Characters
Arashi Bond Episodes Kyoka Bond Episodes
Shiden Bond Episodes Kagero Bond Episodes
Tsugumi Bond Episodes Luka Bond Episodes
Gemma Bond Episodes Scarlet Nexus - Hanabi Bond Episodes GuideHanabi Bond Episodes

Game Database


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Weapons Armor
Accessories Plug-ins
Visuals Items
Item Shop Materials

Skills and Abilities

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Brain Map Skills Psycho-Kinetic Abilities
Struggle Arms System (SAS) Abilities


Enemies Bosses

Game Overview

Scarlet Nexus - Game Overview

Scarlet Nexus is a third-person action role-playing game with a futuristic “brain punk” theme. Players assume the role of Other Suppression Force (OSF) recruits Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall, two young psionics who join the war against brain-devouring aliens known as Others that begin to mysteriously appear from the sky.

Scarlet Nexus - Other Characters

Players will also meet a colorful cast of characters, including other members of the OSF who have their own unique psionic abilities to aid Yuito and Kasane in battle.


Scarlet Nexus - Story

Scarlet Nexus takes place in the future where the discovery of a psionic hormone in the human brain that grants people extra-sensory abilities has ushered in a new area of civilization.

Scarlet Nexus - Story

Not long after, the monstrous entities known as Others invade earth, hunting down humans for their brains. Thus, humanity establishes the OSF and recruits psionics, individuals with powerful extra-sensory abilities, to combat the Other threat.


Scarlet Nexus - Gameplay

Scarlet Nexus combines fast-paced action gameplay with role-playing elements, allowing players to freely customize their character’s playstyle to suit their preferences.


Scarlet Nexus - Combat Scarlet Nexus - Combat

Combat is approached through the use of equipped weapons in tandem with player character’s psycho-kinetic abilities. Players can string together melee and psionic attacks to perform intricate combos revolving around their character’s strengths and unique skills.


Brain Map

Passive and active skills are acquired by unlocking them from the Brain Map, the game’s character skill tree. To unlock skills, players must spend Brain Points (BP) by leveling up their character.

Psycho-kinetic Abilities

Scarlet Nexus - Psycho-kinetic Abilities

Psycho-kinetic (PK) abilities, meanwhile, are active commands or moves that players can use in and out of battle. The use of these abilities is based on each character’s psionic power to control objects on the battlefield telekinetically and use them to attack enemies.

Struggle Arms System (SAS)

Scarlet Nexus - Struggle Arms System (SAS) Scarlet Nexus - Struggle Arms System (SAS)

The Struggle Arms System (SAS) is a mechanic that lets the player “borrow” the psychic abilities of their non-player character (NPC) companion via a virtual link. With access to new abilities gained through SAS along with the character’s innate PK abilities, players are presented with a multitude of strategic possibilities when presented with different situations on the battlefield.

Brain Drive System

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Drive System

Defeating Others increases the player character’s concentration, eventually entering an empowered state known as Brain Drive. This grants the player increased speed, attack power, reduced ability cooldowns, and other beneficial effects.


Scarlet Nexus - Plug-ins

A variety of weapons, armor. and accessories can be equipped to increase your character’s performance in combat. Equipment can be obtained by clearing quests, purchasing them from shops, or as enemy loot.


Plug-ins are special types of equipment that grant a variety of useful effects in battle. These items can help the player by providing boosts in attack power, defense, maximum HP, and other parameters.


Scarlet Nexus - Visual Items 1 Scarlet Nexus - Visual Items 2

Visuals are outfits, costumes, and accessories that players can equip to customize the look of their characters. These items are character-specific and are often related to the backstory of the various members of the OSF.


Scarlet Nexus - Companions

Companions are AI-controlled characters that accompany players during quests. They serve as invaluable allies, especially against hordes of regular and boss-type Others encountered throughout the game. Players can unlock companions by progressing through the main story.

Scarlet Nexus - Companions

Upon gaining new allies, the SAS link can be initiated, allowing the temporary use of a companion’s abilities to gain even more tactical options in battle. You can unlock more SAS abilities from companions by raising your bond with them. This can be done by doing missions together, exchanging brain messages, giving companions gifts, and unlocking special Bond Episodes unique to each character.

Game Trailer

Scarlet Nexus – Lore Trailer

Source: Official PlayStation YouTube

Game Information

Title Scarlet Nexus
Genre Single-player / Action / Role-playing
Platform and System PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S / PC via Steam
Developer Bandai Namco Studios
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment
Release date June 25th, 2021
Official Website