Overview and Artes List for Rokurou [Tales of Berseria/ToB]

An overview of Rokurou Rangetsu's Martial Artes, Initial Stats and Initial Equipment. The Artes list will be updated as we go along.

This section contains an Overview of Rokurou Rangetsu which include: Stats during the Early Stages; Artes, their effects, usage, and function, and prerequisites including: Base, Arcane, Mystic, Soul Break and Switch Blast in Tales of Berseria (ToB).

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Weapon Dual Blades
Type Dual Wielder
Race Daemon
Playable After finishing the Titania Chapter during the early stage

Rokurou’s Battle style

As a Dual Wielder specialist, his Base Artes cover not only Void but also a wide range of Elements including: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Rokurou should focus on using Base Artes that unleash fast animation, deals multiple hits while balancing it out with several Arcane Artes that also have varying Elements.

Due to the nature of Base Artes which consist of Void or non-elementals Artes in addition to the Elementals, it is better to use it as an alternative to Arcane Artes in situations where the enemies possess no Element.

Default Stats and Equipment


Lv HP Physical
25 1926 214 217 263 161 285


Weapon Belt Armor Accessory Shoes
Foreign Sword Amphi Talisman Amphi Vest Slow Charm Amphi Boots

Rokurou’s Artes

Base Artes

Artes Name SG Attribute Additional Effects Prerequisite Level
Bukotsu 3 Void Stun Default
Hisen 3 Fire Absorbs HP Default
Kamakake 4 Void Paralysis Default
Shououshin 6 Earth Decreases Physical DEF
Kemumaki 7 Water Decreases Artes DEF
Futokorogatana 5 Void Decreases Physical ATK
Yoroidooshi 15 Void Stun Lv19
Shidareboshi 9 Water Stun Lv23
Suihakassatsu 10 Wind Absorbs HP Lv26
Oboromai 5 Void Stun Default
Kasane Kagerou 23 Water SG Recovery Lv30
Deathblooms 27 Fire Stun Lv36
Yamata-no-Orochi 35 Earth Stun Lv42

Arcane Artes

Artes Name SG Attribute Additional Effects Prerequisite Level
Ichi no Kata: Kamura 9 Fire Burn Default
Ni no Kata: Daichi 20 Earth Slow Lv9
San no Kata: Mizuchi 12 Water Poison Lv13
Yon no Kata: Shikkuu 28 Wind Fatigue Lv21
Go no Kata: Murasaki 16 Water
Poison Lv28
Roku no Kata: Kuromu 36 Earth
Slow Lv39
Nana no KataL Raijin 22 Water
Fatigue Lv44
Hachi no Kata: Maguma 56 Earth
Burn Lv55

Rokurou’s Soul Break

Karmic Resonance, Ouhou Retsu

As Rokurou activates his Soul Break “Karmic Resonance, it automatically triggers “Ouhou Retsu.”

To activate Karmic Resonance, press and hold R2. There are several buffs provided when triggering the Soul Break ability such as: HP recovery, BG recovery, changes to “counterattack” stance, higher chance to stun of following attacks, and nullifies guarding.

Karmic Resonance is usable while guarding, therefore it becomes valuable when battling an enemy that relies on multiple hits.

Ouhou Retsu sets in when the enemy inflicts an attack on Rokurou. This allows him to use “Knockdown” against the offensive enemy. This is activated by timing the enemy’s attack and pressing R2 at the moment when the enemy tries to attack.

Ouhou Zetsu

If Ouhou Retsu is successfully triggered twice in succession, you can activate Ouhou Zetsu for the next hits instead. Unlike Ohou Retsu, Ouhou Zetsu requires a more strict timing because the next hits must be successfully guarded.

The lack of a time limit when performing the Ouhou Zetsu removes the trouble of worrying about the duration. This allows Rokurou to use his Soul Break Ability easily, only having to keep track of the timing and the mastery of multiple guards.

Ouhou Metsu

The most difficult Soul Break Ability to trigger, it requires you to press and hold R2 while Rokurou has at least 3 Souls in his Soul Gauge (SG), in addition to keeping Ouhou Zetsu active.

In order to master this Soul Break Ability, carefully practicing the timing of long pressing R2 should be considered.

Rokurou’s Switch Blast


As a Switch Blast, it is required that the hot-key assigned directs to Rokurou while playing as one of his allies. This allows Rokurou to Steal Focus.

Rokurou’s Mystic Artes

Zero no Kata: Hakuu (Basic Mystic Artes)

It requires at least 3 BG to perform. To activate this Mystic Arte, press and hold L2 when chaining an Arte. This makes Rokurou’s right eye glow red, then he strikes the enemy and finishes them off with a charged thrust that launches them to the air.

Rangetsuryuu Shirasagi (Intermediate Mystic Artes)

After a combination of at least 8 Artes, press and hold L2 to use this Mystic Arte while Rokurou has at least 4 BG.

Kyuu no Kata: Zekkei (Advanced Mystic Artes)

To trigger this Mystic Arte, press and hold L2 while Ouhou Metsu is active and when the Blast Gauge is at 5.

How to Obtain Ouhou Metsu and Kyuu no Kata: Zekkei

Defeat the Criminal Avenger at the Eight-headed Dragon, Innominat.

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