Oscar Dragonia [Tales of Berseria/ToB]

Oscar Dragonia is the half brother of Teresa Linares. He is very devoted to the cause of The Abbey Exorcists and is determined to uphold all their virtues by any means necessary.

Oscar Dragonia



Age: 18

Race: Human

Occupation: Exorcist Praetor

Weapon: Sword





Oscar is cool, calm and collected, even in the face of any impending danger. This has made him highly valuable in combat. Apart from his battle style, Oscar fulfills a role of a caring brother to his sister. He shows affection for his half-sister, Teresa, in spite of them having two different mothers. His love for Teresa is obvious whenever he comforts her in times when she is sullen; and never affords to miss bringing her gifts whenever she will celebrate her birthdays.


Oscar belongs to the noble Dragonia family one of its finest as a first-class graduate. His relations towards his half-sister Teresa, is shown as serving both as his older sister and mother figure. Being nurtured by Teresa during his growing years, he feels indebted to his sister and tries to reciprocate it.


Oscar is knowledgeable in sword fights, able to wield and control it during combat. He can also summon malak to aid him in handling minor threats. His ability allows him to use the Armatus and is highly capable of controlling the Wind Armatus.

Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Oscar Dragonia 6 2031 Fire


Technique Name Description
Armatus coming soon
Wind Armatus coming soon

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