Sidequests [Tales of Berseria/ToB]

This section details the sidequests that are recommended after finishing the Fifth Chapter. THE STATS INDICATED HERE WILL BE UPDATED AS WE GO ALONG.

This section contains information for the sidequests in Tales of Berseria which are advised after completing the fifth chapter. Information such as: ! locations, red marker locations, and obtainable items are described in detail.

INTERMISSION (Sidequests Etc.)

Tarieshin Harbour

Examine all the !s: First is the kid by the Gamerz, next ! is by the tavern which will trigger a long conversation. When you regain control, go upstairs for a continuation of the event, then speak to the priest inside the church for the third !; the fourth ! is from the girl at the south exit; finally, climb the ladder and rareboard across for the Katz !.

Katz Village

Look for all the !s: The first ! is by the entrace to the Katz Pro Wrestling; head to the bridge for the second !; move near the rareboard data for the third !; finally, the remaining ! are viewing chats (left), and 2D cutscene (right).

Check in front of the chest for a rareboard data.

Item List
Chests 765 Gald
Adamant Fragment x2
Herbs Red Chamomile


Check the side of the tomb stones outside of Velvet’s home for a dialogue.


Look for all the !s: First one is at the church, second is Medisa standing near the inn.

Once you finish, you will gain access to Eleanor’s sub-event. The bottle can only be used to travel back to Helvisa. Speak to Benwick to access Izult Harbour.

Izult Harbour

Find all the !s: First ! is on the lower floor of the main village area, find the old man inside the church for the next (You can also obtain the rareboard data at the lower floor where the inn and item shop are), third ! is near the penguins, and look near the exit for the last !.


An event will trigger when you arrive at the destination. As Velvet examines the medicine with the attached memo a boss fight will commence.

Boss: Troll

Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weaknesses
Troll 64 102837 Fire, Earth, Wind Normal, Water

Once you defeat it, an event detailing the information on the memo will commence.

After the event, check the ! on the floor to initiate another event. Obtain a bottle then run back to Melshio. As you arrive inside, Dyle will tell you some information.

Find the next ! from Medisa and another event will show up. You will now be automatically transported to Melshio. You will obtain the following rewards: Eleanor’s Colour Variaation Costume and the “Hope Surpassing Reason” will be added to your trophy list.

Melshio (Continued)

Return to the inn and speak to Moana who tells you about a treasure box. You will be told that Dyle has the key. Look for Dyle who is at the north side of the map. You will discover that the key fell. You must travel back to the inn and examine the space behind the dog in order to obtain the key. Now head outside and jump across the ice rocks for the next !. You will unlock the Mabo Curry Bun recipe.

Go back inside the inn once more and approach the dogs for another event to unlock “The Great Gorger” trophy.

Finally, move to the ! near the save sphere for the last dialogue.


Look for all the !s: First is from the guy near the save sphere in the harbour, next is from the guy south of the harbour’s save sphere, third ! is from the woman on the village’s outskirts, last is from the guy found south of the town’s save sphere.

Laphicet and the Ancient Secret Medicine

Speak to the woman outside of the inn for a !.

Go back and speak to Reneed then return to the woman to trigger another event.

You will unlock “The Praying Malak” trophy.

Zexon Harbour

Examine all !s: First is near the save sphere, next ! is close to the Danna Highway exit, and last ! is close to the inn.


Search for the !s: First is on the west end of the first map, look for the bandit near the exit heading to the church map for the next !, find the guy outside the tavern for the third !, and last ! is Tabatha who’s inside the tavern.

Take a pit stop to trigger an event with Laphicet and Velvet.

If you need the rareboard data, you can obtain it from the church.


Find the !s: First ! is within the fields with a red berry; next ! is from a guy who’s beside a big tree stump; find the 3rd ! from a guy in the rice paddy; then find the last ! from the old man sitting on the bench.

Head north to obtain a rareboard data, then speak to the last !.

Cadonics Harbour

There are only a few !s: First is near the tunnel entrance, next is beside the food stall.

Another rareboard data is found next to the warehouse. Enter the warehouse and approach the !. Look for Donera in order to trigger an event concerning the translation of the book.

Izult (Continued)

In addition to the earlier objectives in Izult, there are more tasks once Cadonics Harbour has been uncovered. Locate the following !s: First is at the dock at the back of Benwick, next is inside the tavern, third ! is the talking penguin inside the inn. Prepare for a battle.


Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Jude 68 74850 Wind Fire

When you defeat it, it will revert back to a penguin. An event will ensue. You will obtain the Always Jude attachment reward afterwards.

Haria (Continued)

There will be three !s in this area: Head first to the blue doll at the back of the weapon stall, then proceed to the east path from the inn, lastly enter the inn and speak to the guy.

Lionel Wharf

Examine all !s to unlock 2 new locations for the arena.

Magilou Troupe Conquers

Return to Rogress. Talk to the ! guy to trigger an event. Head to Zamal Stone Cave to finalize the sidequest.

Prison Island Titania

Speak to Benwich at any of the available harbours to travel to Titania. When you arrive at the destination, approach the ! to trigger a dialogue about Abbey. Locate the south room to find the next !, then examine a box for another event. Finally, you will encounter Phoenix who will challenge you to a battle.


Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Phoenix 100 128520 Fire, Water Earth

Prepare for a grueling fight as you essentially have to battle him twice. Watch out for his two Mystic Artes. If you defeat him for the first time, his second Mystic Artes will put him back to full HP. Once you defeat his second form, another event will occur.

Return to the ship to end this chapter and an event will ensue.

Stay at the inn for another dialogue between Dyle and Benwick. Don’t leave after the first dialogue. Rest at the inn again in order to trigger another scene showing Moana and Dyle, .

There is a room with a Katz Box. Prepare for another battle as you approach the red marker.

Boss: Succubus Queen

Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Succubus Queen 50 74652 Normal Water


Once you defeat the Jude, the articulate penguin proceed to Tarienshin Harbour to uncover more details.

Warp to Helvisa and find Milla. While not necessary, if you have a rareboard data, you can pass through the gap at the upper floor of the south map to obtain a Gold Lump.

Approach the save sphere to record your progress. Make sure to have enough items. When ready, speak to Milla to discover something about her. She will then challenge you.


Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Milla 72 83220 Normal Wind

Unlike Phoenix, this is an easier battle. Be wary of her Mystic Artes.

After you defeat her, approach the red marker for another battle.

Boss: Managarmr

Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weaknesses
Managarmr 41 49531

When you defeat it, collect the monster hunt reward of 30000 gald. Now you can go to the harbour for the next ! to unlock another sidequest.

Injured Dragon

Go to Melshio and take the east exit. Proceed to the south and examine the !. Prepare for a battle against Zaveid.


Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weaknesses
Zaveid 60 69888 Earth

Once you defeat Zaveid, an event will be shown. You will be rewarded with Eizen’s Jacket Off costume variation.

Return to the church in Melshio and speak to Grimoire to discover information on Magilou. After the long dialogue, you will obtain Magilou’s colour variation costume.

Zaveid’s Ryugi (Style)

Proceed to Reneed and search for the guild member by the !. Look for the cliff with a ! to trigger another event.

Boss: Shenlong

Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Shenlong 62 90714 Water, Earth, Wind Fire

Once you defeat her, an event about the Shinigami’s Curse will occur. You will obtain the “A Promise Made” trophy afterwards.

Return to the family in Tarieshin to trigger an event about Zaveid’s visit to their family.

Seek the truth of the Past

Head to Izult Harbour and check Murujimu the Cat spirit. Go to the ruins to trigger a dialogue. Examine the side of the hole for another green!. Head to the orange portal back to Leylines. You will obtain a Velvet’s Colour Variation Costume.

Divided Future

Proceed to the ! in Stoneberry for a discussion on the Curseland dragon. You will obtain Laphicet’s Colour Variation Costume.

Foreign Relics

Travel to Izult and speak to the guild member who is at the back of the houses located south of the tavern to obtain details on a treasure box.

You need to get to Manaan Sea Reaf, so take the east Haria exit and approach the ! for another event.

Letter from Edna

Warp to the east exit of Zexon Harbour and proceed to the ! near the north exit for another event.

Saviour’s Throne

Head to the upper floor on the west end and get to a conversation with the Malaks.

Rokurou’s Demon Sword

Move east and head to the upper floor to battle the final ! daemon.

Boss: Ryuumajin

When you defeat it you will be rewarded with the “Emergency Management after” trophy. This will trigger another event as the daemon discloses its identity.

When you regain control, go to the Rogress tavern and speak to Tabatha to discover further information on the daemon’s history. You will obtain Rokurou’s Colour Variation Costume as a reward. In addition, the “Rangetsu Initiate” will be added to your trophy list.

Davar Woods

Item List

Item Name
Chests Arcana Bottle
Panacea Bottle
Dark Bottle
Force Ring
3600 Gald
Denole Bottle
Soul Bottle
Pure Blade
Feld Fragment
Herbs Red Rosemary
Red Saffron

From here marks the beginning of Laphicet’s sidequest. To travel to Davar Woods, locate the Stoneberry entrance and exit at the north dungeon. This map contains areas with colored gas, therefore in order to pass through them, Velvet must examine the tree that bears a fruit that matches the gas color.

Once you reach the the dungeon, follow the path until you reach a fork, head west then take a turn north for another Arcana Bottle. Move south and examine the tree to eat the red fruit. Go east through the red gas.

Continue and avoid the blue gas exit. Follow the west path until you reach a tree with a blue fruit, examine it then head south to obtain a Red Rosemary. Head north to exit.

Head west and examine the chest to get a Panacea Bottle, and you will also find a blue fruit tree.  Go north past the rocks and find a red fruit tree atop a ledge. Examine it to eat the red fruit then move south, passing the rocks, and move down the ledge to uncover other parts of the map.

Don’t go to north west area with the red marker because it’s inaccessible without a rareboard data. Since the red fruit was eaten, go south instead to finally pass through the red gas to obtain katspi. You can also open a Katz box to obtain some Katz for 375.

Move south and check the chest for a Dark Bottle and a yellow fruit bearing tree. Examine it to eat the fruit, then backtrack to the last map. Go east this time through the yellow gas and continue until you reach the exit.

This area has a rareboard data at the north side. Don’t mind the south end just yet because there’s a red gas blocking the way. Go southeast instead then examine a chest to obtain a Force Ring then examine the red fruit tree to eat the fruit. Backtrack then pass through the area covered in red gas to obtain 3600 gald and katspi.

Backtrack to the west side and check the tree to eat the blue fruit. Head northeast passing through the blue gas area. At the west side of the exit you can obtain Red Saffron. Head north to exit.

As you reach the new area, move west and rareboard across the stream to examine a chest, take the Denole Bottle. Go back and head east, pass through the blue gas covered area. Move north passing through the rocks, and continue along the ledge. Obtain the Red Chamomile then examine the tree to eat the red fruit. Backtrack and go east to pass through the red gas to obtain katspi and a chest containing Soul Bottle.

Go back then head north and examine the tree to eat the blue fruit. Backtrack again to the west portion then eat the yellow fruit. Go to the north east area then go through the yellow gas. Approach the ! for another event featuring an exorcist. You will receive the Elixir from him.

When you regain control, take all the katspi then examine the chest for a Pure Blade. With the rareboard data, it is now possible to backtrack all the way to the red marker. Eat the matching fruit to pass through the corresponding colored gas.


Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weaknesses
Dryad 42 40062 Water

Once you defeat the Dryad, collect the katspi on both sides of the map. Examine the last chest from the area for a Feld Fragment.

Zamal Stone Cave

Item List

Item Name
Chests Arcana Bottle
Shark Bottle
Grape Gel x2
Panacea Bottle
13200 Gald
Mythril Fragment
Denole Bottle
Soul Bottle
Blaze Paper Leaf
10200 Gald
Herbs Red Rosemary
Red Saffron
Katz Box Ring Piercings (Left Ear)

This marks the start of Magilou Troupe’s sidequest. To reach this area, warp to Stoneberry entrance and head to the south dungeon marker exit.

Enter the dungeon, then go to the !. Prepare for a daemon battle.


Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Fatty 62 69250 Normal, Fire Earth

Once you  defeat it, “Magilou’s Magnificent Menagerie” will be added to your trophy list.

Rareboard across to get to to the south portion of the map. Head west and obtain the Arcana Bottle from the chest. Move to the south east end to exit. Proceed to the first west exit then head north and open the chest for a Shark Bottle.

Take the south path then rareboard across at the fork to the east. Obtain Grape Gel from the chest. Return to the last map then take the south path. Move to the south west end to find a Katz box which you can unlock for 375 to obtain Katz and Ring Piercings (Left Ear).

Head west to exit and backtrack to the same map. Head east this time and open the chest for a Panacea Bottle. Go south and exit.

Continue south and move around the bend to obtain 13200 gald. Move west and follow the path going down the water slide. Still going south, you will find a Red Rosemary. Ignore the middle exit at the north and take the west path. Before heading to the north end exit, examine the chest for a Mythril Fragment.

When you reach the new area, head east and examine the chest for a Denole Bottle. Move towards the left route and check the chest for a Grape Gel. Head north to exit.

Go south moving through the gaps and open the chest for a Soul Bottle. Return to the entrance then proceed north to find a room with zombies and katspi. Continue to the northeast portion to obtain several items: katspi, a Red Saffron, an Elixir, and a Blaze Paper Leaf. Go back then head east to exit the area.

Finally, move south and open the final chest for 10200 gald.

Normin Island

As you arrive at Normin Island you will notice that something sinister has happened.

When you’re ready, go forward and jump off of the edge going left to uncover the first ! to obtain information on the area.

Jump over the chocolate river and examine the next !.

Go back and move across the bridges leading north to find the Giant Normin Head. Go around until you reach the back of the head. Climb the ladder to find a Katz Box which can be opened for 525.

You will also find another ! which explains Phoenix’s plans. You can now play another mini-game – “Norumotion.” After the event, climb down the ladder then go to the other side of the head.

Go back to the fork then go downwards following the chocolate route. Move to the southwest area and uncover a rareboard data under the bridge.


Go south and take the warp. Check the map and approach the red marker at the west side for a battle.

Boss: Phantom

Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Phantom 54 55682 Wind, Earth Water

Once you defeat it, return to the last area and head to west to exit. Move south to trigger a flashback.

Proceed to the south warp then continue down the path to trigger another flashback.

Take the south warp again, then head to the ! for another flashback, this time detailing Seres and Laphicet.

If you finish the above tasks, consequently you will obtain the “Velvet’s Colour Variation Costume.”


Item List

Item Name
Chests Rise of Satan
Pump Upper
Herbs Red Sage
Red Chamomile
Red Verbena

As you reach the Curseland, head west and move to the northwest end. Open the chest and collect the equipment – Rise of Satan. Go south and check under the pillar for a Red Sage. Return to the original position. Check near the save sphere which is close to the rocks for the rareboard data.

Move to the northwest portion to find a Katz Box. Open it for 300 to obtain Katz.

Climb up the hill and continue along the southeast ledge. When you reach a pillar, examine it for a Red Chamomile and katspi. Keep going along the east ledge until you reach the north end to find a chest, open it to obtain Elixir. Approach the ! and the event will commence. Prepare for a battle against Silver again.


Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Hellkite 64 122445 Fire, Earth Water

Once you finish him off, he will become a skeleton. You will now obtain “Laphicet’s Colour Variation costume.”

When you regain control, go south to obtain some katspi and Red Verbena. Proceed to the west portion to obtain katspi. Check the chest to obtain an item for Eizen, the Pump Upper. When you’re ready, approach the red marker for a battle.

Demon’s Rod

Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weaknesses
Demon’s Rod 66 103015 Normal, Earth Wind

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