[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Basic Game Mechanics

This page contains a guide on the basic game mechanics of the game that includes how to properly stealth, how to aim and melee combat.

Basic Game Mechanics

This page contains a guide on how you can best use your stealth, aiming your weapon and how you can effectively utilize your melee combat.


There are two options on how you can approach your enemy. You can either go all out and shoot them recklessly until they all die, or go in stealthily and take them out one by one. When you’re approaching an enemy, noticing where each of them is the most crucial part of the process. Slowly hide your way in obstacles by pressing your O key and inch your way towards them. Remember that you are undetected when you are walking through tall grasses so you can approach them without having to worry much. Once you are close enough, target the enemies who are most isolated. Take them out when others aren’t looking until you wipe out the entire team.

How to Aim

Aiming is very hard in uncharted since you will need to rotate the right analog. Remember that you are going to shoot with different weapons and some have high recoils. If you are in fact, using a high-recoiled weapon, it’s best to aim at the chest of the enemy so you can still hit the enemy in the head when it recoils. You also have to shoot in short bursts to increase your accuracy.

Melee Combat

Melee combat is best used when you are sneaking from behind as it provides little noise compared to firing live rounds from your weapons. You can also always opt to use your melee combat in short range to quickly eliminate enemies.


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