[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Tips: Photo Ops List

This is an Uncharted: The Lost Legacy guide on the photo ops you can find in every chapter.

Photo Ops List

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Tips and Tricks

Chapter Location
Chapter 1 Marketplace near some clothes and jars next to the little girl.
Chapter 2 Starting point. Take a picture of Asav through the Lotus Hotel board.
Chapter 3 Starting location on the right side of the player overlooking a valley.
Flock of flamingos. Exit the jeep before crossing the ridge.
Kill all the enemies in the temple then take a picture of the structure in the shallow water looking at the small waterfall as well as the pyramid-like temple.
Chapter 4 Starting location near the jeep and overlooking the waterfalls.
A couple of monkeys near a ravine in the Hoysala Token shrine entrance.
Collect 11 Hoysala tokens and take a picture of Nadine interacting by some flowers in the Token Shrine.
Take a photo of the statue with the trident south of the bridge leading to the central Tower.
Beneath the tower overlooking Parashuma’s fortress and the lake.
Inside Shiva’s fortress take a photo overlooking the tower after the statue puzzle chamber.
Head to the center of the mudflats take a picture of Ganesh’s temple and the multiple waterfulls.
Take an up-close photo of the waterfall.
Take a photo of the elephant below Parashurama’s Fortress.
Chapter 5 Beneath the statues overlooking waterfalls immediately after your first tree branch from the starting area.
On top of Ganesh’s axe take a photo of Nadine.
Enter Ganesh’s statue. The photo op is on the next platform after the one you landed on.
Take a photo op of the waterless dam and the two massive statues.
Chapter 6 Take a photo of five elephants wading in a pool.
You’ll find this photo op once you leave the elephants behind (:(). Climb up the stars and across the Locked boxes. Climb up the rock face you see there and leap to the shrine platform to the left and take a photo of a structure in the distance.
Chapter 7 Starting location. Take a picture of the city entrance.
Base of the starcase with the golden ornaments.
Find the Horn statue and take a picture of the chamber after the library.
Take a photo on the ledge of the way back in wall.
Take a photo of the statue / bas-relief at the end of the flat pool room.
Base of the statue of Shiva stand on the shallow water.
Chapter 8 Take a picture of the train bridge after fighting on the shoreline.
Treasures Photo Ops
Conversations Trophies
Hoysala Tokens Queens Ruby

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