[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Chapter 5 Walkthrough – The Great Battle

This page contains a walkthrough for Chapter 5 – The Great Battle for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, including main story objectives, obtainable weapons., equipment and items, and characters and enemies encountered in the game.

Chapter 5 Walkthrough – The Great Battle

Entering Ganesh’s Statue

  • You’ll start Chapter 5 – the Great Battle in a cliff top overlooking a glorious view of the Ganesh statue.
  • Head right and walk until you see the waterfall very near you. Jump down.
  • Look for the ancient box to the left.
  • Use the tree branch up above you to swing across to a small arch.
  • You’ll see a couple of climbable bars on the right side of the cave. Climb up.
  • Head up the top, and jump to the platform on your left.
  • Turn right at this point and use the tree ahead to get on the statue’s hand.
  • Climb up the hand and start working your way towards Ganesh’s neck.
  • Once you fall down, move left until you see the tree branch. Swing to the second hand.
  • Go up with the help of Nadine.
  • Find the next tree branch, near the statue and land just close to the hand. Head up the statue and use the rope to swing to the right hand.
  • Climb up the weapon in the hands of this statue. Keep going up.
  • On the top of the axe, you’ll see a tree to the right. Use your rope to swing to that tree, then swing to the other tree nearby and finally swing towards the area on top.
  • Once you’re there, climb up to the crown, heading towards the head’s backside.
  • Here you’ll find the cave entrance. Jump into the cave.

Inside the Statue

  • Using the rope, climb down, down, down, down, down. Make sure to take note of the glorious view of two gods clashing with one another. Land on Ganesh.
  • Left of Ganesh, you’ll see a shining object. You can get there by using the tree branch nearby. Climb the rope down and get the glowing object.
  • There isn’t much here, so enter through a small hole to the left of the right door. 
  • Follow the passageway of skeletons until you see a yuuuuuuge room with a locked door. This won’t be your puzzle. Interact with it to enter the room.
  • Take a look at the broken wall at the right of this torch room. Head through the next room via this wall.
  • This room is full of skeletons. Head right through the broken wall. Take a right to find yourself in a puzzle room.

Solving the Shadow Painting Puzzle

  • Push the lever to activate the puzzle.

Escape from the Statue

  • The building will start to collapse. Keep climbing upwards. Keep jumping up towards Nadine.
  • Head right and follow the stream. Cross the stone wall and swing via the tree to the next platform.
  • After you climb to your left and fall down. You’ll have to fight Asav’s soldiers.
  • Make sure you take cover from the vehicle with the guns and follow Nadine.
  • Keep following Nadine, entering a wooden structure. Once inside, head right down a path, and left through a cave.
  • Head through the cavern to find yourself in a room with a metal gate. Climb that to find an area with a wall you can pass through.

Confronting Asav

  • Asav barges in for another fight. You can’t use weapons in this match, so make sure you avoid being hit by his strikes.
  • Since Asav is too powerful, your best strategy should be simply to avoid all his attacks until the set time where he throw you two in the waterway.
  • Make sure you get your L1 ready, because you’ll have to use the rope at the tree down the waterway or you will fall to your deaths.
  • Use the rope to reach safety straight ahead.

Conflict between Partners

  • Follow Nadine, turning right down the path and walking until you find the side of the rock surface. Climb up.
  • Climb via the ledges until you find a lever.
  • You’ll discover a new area, and fight with Chloe.
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