[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] All Collectibles List

This page contains a complete list of all collectible items in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, including links to specific guide pages on locating all treasures, photo ops, optional conversations, and Hoysala Tokens and the Queen’s Ruby in the game.

All Collectibles List

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy continues the series’ tradition of allowing players to discover and complete various collectibles throughout the main story chapters of the game. Below are the kinds of collectibles that players can search for, as well as links to our guides on how to find all of them during your playthrough.


There are various trinkets and nick-nacks scattered all across the Indian landscape that players must traverse in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Not all of them are easy to find, so be sure check-out our Treasures List page for their exact locations per story chapter of the game.


Similar to the first door you find in the first chapter, lockboxes can only be opened by solving the lock mechanism with a lockpick. They appear as either white or dyed in orange for latter chapters. Releasing the lock will reveal some explosives or weapons. A total of 21 lockboxes are scattered in various locations of the game. These start to appear on Chapter 3 onwards. Refer to our Lockboxes List page to receive directions on where to find them.

Photo Ops

As you go on your adventure, you will be able to take photos of various sights and scenery. The game has a lot of spots where you can use your camera to capture the moment which are detailed in our Photo Ops List page.

Optional Conversations

Aside from the story’s main dialogue between characters, it is possible to listen to optional conversations during the main story. They may provide deeper backstory into some of the characters in the game, advice on how to proceed with the current objectives, or interesting things to know about. You can read about them in our Optional Conversations List.

Hoysala Tokens and the Queen’s Ruby

Specifically for Chapter 4 of the Main Story (The Western Ghats), players can search for 11 hidden items called Hoysala Tokens that allow them to obtain the Queen’s Ruby. The Queen’s Ruby allows players to easily locate treasures in the game. Our Hoysala Tokens and Queen’s Ruby Guide details the locations of all 11 tokens throughout Chapter 4.


Lockboxes contain various items such as weapons or treasures. They can be opened using lockpicks. Read our Lockboxes List article for a complete guide on their locations in the game.


There are a lot of achievements to accomplish in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, with some of them related to completing all the above collectibles in the game. They can be viewed in our Trophy List page.

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