[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Chapter 6 Walkthrough – The Gatekeeper

This page contains a walkthrough for Chapter 6 – The Gatekeeper for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, including main story objectives, weapons, items, and enemies encountered in the game.

Chapter 6 Walkthrough – The Gatekeeper

Chasing After Nadine

  • Follow Nadine’s Trail and go down the edge of the cliff. You can use the muddy path on the right and slide down.
  • There will be another muddy path along your course, use it again and slide down the hill.
  • You will then notice a blocked passageway. Climb beside it where the stacked rocks can be found.
  • Inside, you will see lots of weapon that you can equip.
  • After you finish equipping yourself, blast open the weak door beside the chest.
  • Go inside and you will then slide along a muddy path. There will be a lot of guards and even an APC guarding the area so be careful to not get noticed.
  • Use RPG and C4s to take out the enemy APC. The RPGs can be found in the orange weapon crate.
  • Wiping out the guards in the vicinity before going against the APC would be a wise move as missing your RPG makes it significantly harder to take it out, and because it makes it easier to find the crates with the weapons.
  • Three shots from the RPG are required to take down the APC, so don’t be too overconfident when you shot your first and second round off of the APC as it can still whittle your life down pretty easily. If you miss, simply throw your C4 at it.
  • Be careful of the reinforcements that will soon follow.

The Statue

  • After you finished taking out all of the enemies, you can then finally turn the lever.
  • After turning the lever, the bell from the cow statue will turn to reveal a pathway.
  • Go inside and downstairs. There you will find another lever which Nadine will turn in order to close the pathway.
  • Continue your path donwards until you see a waterfall. From there, turn left and continue going downwards.
  • Go inside a tight entrance and you will find a trapped elephant by debris.
  • Move the pillar that’s crushing her. Once you removed the pillar, you will see yourself and Nadine riding the elephant.
  • Take the fruits by the branches that you are gonna go over to offer to the elephant.
  • The elephant will then begin to run towards its family and you will fall off a pool.
  • Go upstairs and you will then see another crate filled with weapons.
  • Climb your way towards the wall and under a tight passage until you can see something you can use your grappling hook with.
  • Continue your path until you see a spear being held. Use the spear so you can swing to the other side. Walk up the staircase until you see a waterfall. This is the end of Chapter 6.
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