[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Partners

This page contains a walkthrough for Chapter 8 – Partners for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, including main story objectives, obtainable weapons., equipment and items, and characters and enemies encountered in the game.

Chapter 8 Walkthrough – Partners

Around the Mountains

  • Follow Nadine and Sam while listening to their conversation. You can also talk to them one by one as they gaze towards the horizon.
  • Afterwards, head right and proceed to the opening that leads to a path down a muddy creek slide. Head for the opening that leads outside again and make your way down. Carefully make your way down the thin wooden planks.
  • After crossing the planks, jump up and squeeze your way into the opening above. You will soon see a chopper scouting the area. Then, climb up the ledge on the right, and the next one after it. You will soon drop down to another mudslide, but time your jump so you can make it to the wall on the other side (which you can climb up to).
  • Keep making your way up the rock ledges until you come up to a path covered with tree roots. Once you get past the roots, follow Sam. As you jump to the next rock ledge, it will break. Be prepared to grapple yourself before you fall off. You will then need to swing yourself to the ledge in front of you to get back to the path. After grabbing on, make your way left to get on stable ground again.
  • Follow the path until you reach a fence. Climb up and position yourself on the other side of the fence to continue making your way up to the railroad above. Help Sam get across by pushing the cart forward. Then, turn around and head for the wall with a broken ladder. Wait for Nadine to lower a pipe down for you to climb up.
  • Just follow Sam to where he’s hanging and jumping to. You will soon fall again so make your way back up and to where Sam’s hanging. Take out the grappling hook and aim for the branch on the upper left. Then, swing to the rock platform ahead. You will slide along the steep path, so make sure to jump over the gaps. Follow Nadine and Sam afterwards for a cutscene.

Insurgents Battle

  • After the cutscene, prepare to fight off some enemies. Use cover to avoid gunfire as much as you can. You can pick-up a shotgun, Mettler M-30 or US-AN 12 Auto Shotgun from the downed enemies so you don’t need to rely on melee in the fight. There will also be a Raffica handgun by the back near the drums. Prepare for a somewhat long battle as reinforcements will come in. After taking out all enemies, talk to Nadine.

Following the Path Again

  • Proceed to the narrow opening blocked by the wooden beam. You will fall again, so time the grappling hook at the branch above and swing to the rock platform ahead. Get ready to grapple on the branch ahead as well, then swing to the opening below. There will be another series of gaps that you need to jump over. At the end, prepare to grab onto the ledge, then make your way up. There will be a Photo Opportunity there where you can take a picture of the railroad.
  • Then, climb up the side of the entrance of the cave by working your way up and towards the yellow colored stones on the arch of the entrance. Aim the grappling hook towards the target near Sam and Nadine. Climb up the ledge and follow the path until you reach the railroad again. From there, pull the cart along the railroad. Pull the contraption that changes the direction of the tracks, then push the cart forward to reveal a new path.
  • Enter the opening above and help Sam get up on the ladder on the right. When Sam calls you, head outside the opening you came through and onto the railroad tracks again. Pull the cart to the opposite side again and work the contraption, then push it again for Sam to drop the crate. Jump on it and climb up.
  • Follow Nadine up the ledges. When you get to the dead end, grab onto the ledge and work your way to the left and onto the next rock platform. Follow the path and aim the grappling hook for the branch ahead to swing to the wall of the building on the other side. Grab on to the ledge and proceed to the left, up and to the right until you get to the window and enter the building through it. A cutscene will begin.

Orca and his Men

  • After the cutscene, you can choose to dive to the water below, then swim to the ledge and wait for one of the guards to get near to take him out. You can choose to pick off the other guards stealthily as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to look around for some weapons in the area.
  • If you get spotted, the entire camp will be on alert. Avoid being targeted by laser sights as well as bombs. Watch out for Orca’s helicopter as well, which will have a high-firepower gun on-board.
  • Take out all the guards first before focusing on the helicopter. Then, you’ll need to get up to the highest platform by making your way up the metal overpass and using the hook to climb aboard the helicopter. When you get there, you need to fight Orca for the Tusk of Ganesha. A cutscene will then follow. This concludes the walkthrough for Chapter 8 – Partners for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
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