[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Puzzle Solutions

This article contains information and puzzle solutions for the puzzles in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Puzzle Solutions

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has various puzzles. And with these puzzles, there are also puzzle solutions. Some of the puzzles may drive players crazy. These puzzles range from jumping puzzles, dial-based puzzles, and others. Actually, this is majority of the meat for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. But not to worry! Here’s a guide for all the puzzles in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Chapter 4 – The Western Ghats

Bell Puzzle

  • This puzzle isn’t really part of the story but it does unlock the Serpent Hoysala Token.
  • Head north from the Pig Hoysala Token Location before making your way to a large building. There, you’ll spot a bell.
  • Climb up the building and shoot the bell near the locked door.
  • Shoot all the other bells then it’ll lead you to the Serpent Hoysala Token.

Room Puzzle

  • Room #1
    • Start by moving Forward.
    • Move Forward again.
    • Make a Right.
    • Head Forward.
    • Turn Left.
    • Go Back
    • Move Forward. Then, make a Left.
    • Then, keep walking forward until complete.
    • In summary: Start, Forward, Forward, Right, Forward, Left, Back, Forward, Left, Forward, Forward.
  • Room #2: 
    • Start by heading Forward. Then, turn right.
    • After turning right, make a left.
    • Head Forward before turning left again.
    • Repeat the same pattern.
    • Then, head Forward but turn right.
    • After that, head forward twice to complete.
    • In summary: Start, Forward, Right, Left, Forward, Left, Forward, Left, Forward, Right, Forward, Forward.
  • Room #3: 
    • Start with heading forward.
    • Move forward again before making a right.
    • Turn left and then right.
    • Make another right and then, move forward.
    • Once there, turn right again and then move forward.
    • Turn right once more and head forward again.
    • Make a left and then right.
    • Turn left twice before finally going forward twice.
    • In summary: Start, Forward, Forward, Right, Left, Right, Right, Forward, Right, Forward, Right, Forward, Left, Right, Left, Left, Forward, Forward.

Closed Door Wheel Puzzle

  • In order to open the gate, Chloe needs to find four wheels. Below are the locations:
    • Wheel 1: Head out to the entrance and you’ll find it lying on the ground.
    • Wheel 2: Head back to the locked door before moving along its left side. There, you should spot a water stream. Once there, you’ll find a wooden structure that has the wheel.
    • Wheel 3: Look for a waterfall at the right side of the locked door. There’s a stone monument nearby which has the wheel.
    • Wheel 4: From wheel 3, climb up the rocks on the nearby waterfall. There, keep walking right. Continue walking until you reach the end. There, you just have to climb to find the final wheel.
  • After finding all the wheels, head back to the locked gate. The door will open and reveal the last puzzle. All the player needs to do is to create an image of a Trident.

Chapter 5 – The Great Battle

Shadow Painting Puzzle

  • Push the lever to activate the puzzle.

Chapter 7 – The Lost Legacy

Shiva Statue Puzzle

  • Approach the statue before making a left. Ahead, you’ll spot a stone column where you can climb up.
  • Take the stairs after climbing the column before climbing from the right side.
  • Rotate the levers and cranks before walking to the hand of the statue.
  • Climb up and head towards the hand holding the trident. Make your way straight past it to find a lever.
    • Once you hit the lever, the trident turns into a bridge.
    • But there’s a time limit, cross it fast or else the trident will flip over back to its original position.
  • Once across, keep going on the top side of the trident. There, you’ll spot a place on your left to rope you forward.
  • When you reach the other side, there’s a lock. Fiddle around with it and you’ll notice that there’s water flowing down. Use the waterfall to slide down and then the rope to land on the second hand.
  • Jump from the location where Nadine‘s standing before climbing up from the end of the corridor.
  • When you reach the top, there’s a crank which you need to spin.
    • After spinning it, the drum will come down.
  • Jump towards the hand and climb up.
  • When the drum moves back, jump ahead and go up. At the top, there’s another wheel that turns on the water. Turn it on and a door will open up.
  • Head through the door before taking a left turn. Finally, you’ll reach the third crank on the head of the statue. Use it and it will make his hands face each other.
  • When you’re done, swing towards the area where a light shines from Shiva’s eye.

Mirror Puzzle

  • You’ll notice Shiva’s statue has a light shining from his third eye. There are also several statues that carry mirrors. Your objective is to make the light reflect on all the statues.
    • First Statue – Make it face Shiva.
    • Second Statue – Swing right on ahead and rotate it to have it face Shiva.
    • Third Statue – This doesn’t necessarily have to face Shiva. However, the light beam must be complete for the player to proceed.
    • Fourth Statue – This statue is broken but Nadine will hold up the mirror for you.
    • Fifth (Final Statue) – Swing ahead before Nadine points the last mirror and drag the final statue.

Parashurma and Ganesha Puzzle

  • There are two statues: Parashurma and Ganesha.
  • Walk around before spotting a handle next to a big gear.
    • There are two of these and you need to activate them both.
  • Once both have been activated, two paintings will appear.
    • The objective is to arrange the painting in between them both.
    • However, Parashurma will attack you if you don’t do it right.
    • Your main tool here is knowing how to adjust Ganesha’s arm.
    • Adjust Ganesha’s arm in accordance to the third picture. Then, fix Ganesha’s arm to follow the second portrait.
    • After that, Ganesha’s legacy, the tusk will appear.


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