[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Tips: Treasures List

This page contains a complete treasures list in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, that includes the ganesh figurine, sterling silver cigarette case and others.

Tips: Treasures List

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Chapter 1

Treasure 1: Ganesh Figurine

As you follow the girl along the market, she will then give you this treasure.

Treasure 2: Sterling Silver Cigarette Case

As you go along and climb on the rooftop, to find the next treasure you must then turn left until you find the blue barrels where the Sterling Silver Cigarette Case will be found.

Chapter 2

Treasure 3: Bullet Whistle

In the first zipline, before you slide down, try to move towards your right until you find your next treasure.

Treasure 4: Military Service Lighter

When you finish sliding down the first zipline and finish taking down the guard, search the area around the shack until you find a movable crate.

Treasure 5: Utility Spork

Go back and look on the floor in the next rooftop shack where you moved the crate.

Treasure 6: Travelling Inkwell

When you finished breaking the floor with the create and going over to the other building, go inside then down towards the left hand corridor you first arrived in.

Treasure 7: Tactical Compass

At the top of the building when You and Nadie finally break inside the storeroom, go towards the large sloping windows where a crate can be found. Search the create for the next treasure.

Chapter 3

Treasure 8: Gupta Empire Cons

The next treasure can be found past the flamingos in the base of the waterfall. Look for a large sloping rock then look behind it.

Treasure 9: Silver Water Jar

Once you finished taking down the enemies, you will need to climb up until you find grenades. You’ll need these to destroy a weak wall in order to get to the next treasure.

Treasure 10: Golden Fish Statuette

Once you get past the gate and driven inside, you’ll need to follow the stream in the left until you see two waterfalls. Once you see them, look for the alcove between them.

Treasure 11: Mango Crystal Scent Flash

In the doorway, go to the other side of the jeep then immediately get out. Once you got out of the jeep, turn around and look behind the jeep towards your left to get the next treasure.

Chapter 4

Treasure 12: Jade Archer’s Ring

You will find the ring on top of the small tower. The ring is located on the platform inside.

Treasure 13: Miniature Bronze Cannon

The next treasure can be found inside the lock box.

Treasure 14: Butterfly Trinklet

The butterfly trinklet can be found at the back of the truck in the lock box.

Treasure 15: Metal Tiger Claws

When you’re on your way to the base of the entrance to Shiva’s fortress, stop halfway to find this next treasure.

Treasure 16: Jade Pendant

In the north-west of Shiva’s fortress, at the top of the eastern side of the cliff wall, is where the Jade Pendant will be located.

Treasure 17: Nagfani Horn

At the south of the entrance to Shiva’s fortress you will see a small grove of trees, with a small sculpted beside of it. You will find the next treasure behind the pillar.

Treasure 18: Engraved Gourd Jar

Under the vine bridge in the pathway to the entrance to Halebidu, you will find the Engraved Gourd Jar treasure.

Treasure 19: Serpents and Ladders

You’ll find this treasure in the building before you get past the vine bridge. Climb and go inside to spot your next treasure.

Treasure 20: Leather Covered Binoculars 

The Leather Binoculars can be found inside the lock box by the ruins.

Treasure 21: Rosewood Spice Box

The rosewood spice box can be found between the ruins and the stairs that leads to the central tower.

Treasure 22: Medieval Lock & Key

In the south-east of the central tower where you can see the muddy terrain, go to the west side of the balcony on the half-sunken ruin north of the mudflats.

Treasure 23: Hoysala Coin

Climb the south side of the statue of the elephant towards its eyes. In here, you will find your next treasure.

Treasure 24: Ivory Casket

Go to the top of the waterfall follow the path on the cliffside. The next treasure can be found on the base of a tree along this path.

Treasure 25: Stag Horn Box

The Stag Horn Box can be found just beside the pillar on the rock formation located by the river underneath the waterfall next to Ganesh’s Fortress.

Treasure 26: Ancient Stone Jar

The Ancient Stone Jar can be found between the two falls on Ganesh’s fortress.

Treasure 27: Trinket Box

Under Ganesh’s temple, go inside the cave to the south of the waterfalls. From here, you can find the next treasure on the large rock just along the path.

Treasure 28: Hoysala Kukri, Silver Goblet & Inscribed Copper Plate

By collecting all 11 Hoysala Tokens, you can now collect the Hoysala Kukri together with the silver goblet and inscribed copper plate inside the small ruins located from across the entrance to the shrine.

Chapter 5

Treasure 29: Padouk Tea Caddie

You will see a broken green-and-white platform, drop down here then go to the rocky outcropping further down on your left. The treasure can be found in the grass.

Treasure 30: Engraved Ewer 

Before you jump over to the wall, climb up and go across towards the chasm on the first statue. From here, go down on top of the roof of the cave. The treasure is located on the ground.

Treasure 31: Bidri Hookah Bowl

This treasure can be found behind the elephant statue beside the stairs.

Treasure 32: Gold Cased Ivory Dentures

When you’re crawling inside the low tunnel, you will come across this treasure just behind a pile of rubble on your left.

Treasure 33: Palm Leaf Manuscript

This treasure can be found on the left side of the wall before you climb up to the steps  after you drop down on the large chamber filled with bones.

Treasure 34: Khanjarli Curved Dagger

You will find this treasure inside the sacrificial chamber. In here, after you open the door the treasure will be found exactly where you fell.

Chapter 6

Treasure 35: 10th Century Oil Bottle

The first treasure on chapter 6 can be found down to the corridor on the right, opposite to the stairs that leads down the ruins.

Treasure 36: Aged Silver Anklet

Before you go down the hill, first head towards the brush on your left just above the ledge.

Treasure 37: Ceremonial Sugar Hammer

Just right of the staircase on the pool, you can see this treasure on the shrine near the waterfall.

Treasure 38: Raja Raja Gold Kahanvu

After the photo op on the rocky outcropping, you can find this treasure inside the low passage where you first crawled through.

Treasure 39: Agate Gemstone Box

After you collect the previous treasure, you can swing across to the other side where you can find another treasure.

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