[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Infiltration

This page contains a walkthrough for Chapter 2 – Infiltration for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, including main story objectives, obtainable weapons., equipment and items, and characters and enemies encountered in the game.

Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Infiltration

uncharted: the lost legacy walkthrough

Reach the Rooftops

  • Chapter 2 pits Nadine and Chloe against the Rebel leader Asav in a test of speed to locating the legendary artifact.
  • Begin by moving straight ahead and give Nadine a boost, follow by ascending the ladder to reach the rooftops.
  • Continue leaping from one building to the next until you arrive at the spot lined up with neon signs. Hop past the rails, then pull yourself upwards and move on top of the signs to reach the building.
  • As you reach the building below, interact on the ledge to shimmy through. Take another leap up the rails to reach the platform above. Keep ascending until you reach the top of the signs, then pull yourself upwards to arrive at the following rooftop.

Insurgent’s shack

  • Be mindful as you tread in this area since it introduces the insurgent enemy. Grab onto the lighting cable to reach the lower ground. Remain silent and take out the unaware insurgent. Make a pit stop at the insurgent’s shack to find a treasure resting on the table.
  • Enter the shack and collect the wooden pushcart. Park it by the doorway to create a platform for Chloe to pull herself up to the rooftop. Dash and jump across to the next building. Turn right and go straight into the dilapidated building, inspect the window to trigger a dialogue.
  • Go back outside then leap across to reach the signs, get to the top of the signs, then get behind it. Move across to locate the ledge of the adjacent building. Shimmy across the pipe and ascend to arrive at the rooftop.

Second shack

  • Similar to the above location, examine the rooftop shack to find another wooden pushcart that you can interact with. Pull it and collect the treasure underneath. Pass it to Nadine who will be stationary below. Drop off to the dilapidated building, then go through the railings to reach the next building indicated by Chloe earlier. Before you exit, investigate the end of the hallway found on the left hand side of this building for a treasure.
  • Continue along the path until you encounter a steel beam, tread carefully as you ascend the wall. Stealth kill the insurgent patrolling the nearby room.
  • With the insurgent eliminated, shimmy across to the left then pull up to arrive at the building. As you reach the balcony, Chloe must unlock the door using a lockpick to enter Asav’s den.

 Asav’s Hideout

  • Before you dig deeper into the hideout, inspect the inclined windows inside for a treasure contained within the wooden pushcart.
  • Head behind the building to discover a map embellished with an image tapered on the wall, interact with it to trigger an event.
  • Use the lockpick on the lock to reveal a disc. Performing this will trigger enemies to spawn and a cutscene will ensue.
  • Once the event pans out, this will force the duo to jump out of the window. This will prompt you to dart through the buildings, there will be indications of the destination.
  • As you reach the location of interest, another cutscene will occur.
  • Run through the hallway, tailgate Nadine to find the building. Bear in mind that you have to deal with 3 insurgency members.
  • After the path is clear, listen to Nadine who urges Chloe to leap through the roof to reach the ones underneath. Trail along the path passing by rooftops and shacks.
  • The two will finally encounter bombs, which signals that the duo is close to wrapping up this segment. Follow along the paths until you stumble upon another lighting cable, grab onto it to reach the floor below. As the two arrive at the riverbed, it will activate another cutscene.
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