[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Lockboxes List

This page contains a complete list of all Lockbox in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, including chapter, number and how to obtain them in the game.

This page contains a complete list of all Lockbox in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, including chapter, number and how to obtain them in the game.

Lockboxes List

Below are all Lockbox that can be obtained during the Main Story of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Be sure to note the conditions and requirements you need to fulfill to get each one in the game.

Lockbox start to appear from Chapter 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8.

Chapter 3 – Homecoming


The very first lockbox in Lost Legacy. It is found in the first clearing. Exit the jeep and locate the truck’s trunk nearby the waterfall.

Chapter 4 – The Western Ghats

This chapter contains 11 lockboxes in total.


Second lockbox appears by the right wall where the fifth token is located. It contains some grenades.


On your search for the sixth token, return to the entrance of the location and pass through 2 grapple points.


Another lockbox that appears nearby the 10th token. Once you finish fending off an enemy, search for the damaged wall close to the truck. If you cannot find the lockbox in the chamber’s interior, inspect the trunk of the truck.


Return to the site with the enclosure where the Queen’s Ruby appears and examine the high platform close to the jeep.


Before you locate this lockbox, take out any surrounding enemies first. With the coast clear, search for the insurgent’s vacated truck close to the statue of the elephant and inspect the back compartment.


Finish the Trident fort then be sure to drive away the insurgents that spawn in the area. Return and inspect the left truck parked by the fort’s entrance.


Retrace your steps to reach the site where you found the 8th token. Go past the elephant statue by the north side which houses the concealed underwater chamber. Ascend the location close to a truck to find the lockbox.


Cross to the southwest section of the map as this lockbox lies at the south past the bridge. Bring the jeep to find an abandoned truck parked near a lockbox.


Appears near the third conversation. Head to the fort’s east side and swing through the grapple point to arrive at a yellow flower patch. Go past the patch to find it.


Locate the ruins at the north side to find another lockbox which spawns at the back of the stone column. This one should not be too far from another that spawns on the truck’s compartment.


Over at the east side of the Jade pendant with the Horse puzzle token. The lockbox is contained at the truck’s compartment which is parked next to a tree.

Chapter 6 – The Gatekeeper

There are a total of 3 lockboxes for this chapter.


Return to the location where you planted the C4 to remove the APC. From the ruins, head up the road and make a left, passing the tower. Trail along to find an orange dyed lockbox on the alcove.


Not too far from the above mentioned lockbox, search for the staircase close to the cow monument. Over at the east side of the steps is an alcove surrounded by tall grass patches. Inspect behind the site for an orange lockbox.


After the dialogue about the Indian elephants, cross the stairs going up to reach the peak.

Chapter 7 – The Lost Legacy


After deploying the rope swing in the city, ascend the stairs at the opposite side then leap past the gap.

Chapter 8 – Partners

The second highest amount of lockboxes. 5 lockboxes can be found in this chapter.


As you enter the location, inspect the warehouse building ahead of the entrance.


Head to the back of the same warehouse to find a lockbox past some foliage in the railyard.


In the same railyard, inspect the center to find a lone tram.


Tread carefully as the location is patrolled by a chopper. This lockbox is flanked between a yellow signboard and a large gas depot.


This lockbox is situated on the east section of the map. Search for it resting on the truck’s compartment parked beside a staircase.

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