FIFA 21 - How to Do Flair Shots

A guide on how to do a flair shot in FIFA 21, including basic information on the type of shot, best situations to use it, and useful tips.

FIFA 21 - How to Do Flair Shots

How to Do Flair Shots

FIFA 21 - Flair Shot

A flair shot, as its name suggests, is a flashy and powerful shot. The type of flair shot that your player will do depends on the position of the ball (on the ground or in the air). This technique is all about power and style to score a satisfying goal against the opponent.

Useful Techniques


The flair shot is done by holding down the L2 button and pressing the shoot button (L2 + ◯). If done correctly, your player will perform a shot that changes depending on the position of the ball in the pitch. The type of shot ranges from rabonas, scorpion kicks to no-lookers and bicycle kicks.

Game Controls

Tips for Flair Shots

  • Having the flair attribute affects the type of flair shot that the player will perform.
  • The flair shot suffers from having lower accuracy than most other types of shots. Try to keep this in mind especially when you are behind in the game.

Other Techniques

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