FIFA 21 - Tips for Passing

A list of tips for passing in FIFA 21, including recommended techniques and moves to pass the ball and other helpful strategies. FIFA 21 is available on Google Stadia, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows (PC).

FIFA 21 - Tips for Passing

Tips for Passing

FIFA 21 is available on multiple platforms: Google Stadia, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows (PC).

Get comfortable with the controls.

Knowing how to perform as many types of passes as you can grants you a wide arsenal of moves to use at any point during the game. While techniques like the lofted pass, threaded through pass, and one-two pass might find their usefulness more often than others, it is important to be able to mix it up with other moves against your opponent’s tight defense.

Input Command
× Ground pass/header
Lob pass/cross/header
Through pass
□ > × + Left analog stick Fake pass
R1 +△ Threaded through pass
R1 + × Driven ground pass
× > × Lofted ground pass
△ > △ Lofted through pass
L1 + △ Lobbed through pass
L1 + R1 + △ Driven lobbed through pass
R1 + Drive lob pass/driven cross
L1 Trigger run
L2 + × Flair pass
L1 + × Pass and go

Game Controls

Use trigger runs.

Trigger runs are essential for passing the ball to teammates on the move, making you less likely to lose possession of it when the opponent attempts to intercept. Press the L1 button to initiate a trigger run to create space as you drive down the pitch as often as you can.

Do one-two passes.

One-two passes allow you to create space by distributing possession of the ball quickly among nearby teammates while creating a sense of unpredictability for your opponent. This is also effective near the penalty box as it gives the opposing team very little time to react if they do not properly mark your formation. As much as possible, try to aim your pass early for better accuracy.

Perform lofted passes.

Lofted passes are effective for handing the ball to the player by giving your pass some altitude, making it hard for opponents to do a steal. The move works well in the midfield as well as during swift one-two pass sequences to shift attack angles on the pitch.

Use threaded through passes.

Threaded through passes are very useful for getting past the opponent’s full backs by curving the ball for a receiving winger further down the pitch. Try to take the pass on your player’s strong foot as much as possible when doing threaded through passes.

Resetting the ball.

Passes are obviously important for recycling the ball when opponents begin to bring the pace of the game back to where you are comfortable again. Have your full-backs ready to accommodate the pass and mount your offense when the situation on the pitch is more manageable again.


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