FIFA 21 - How to Do Heel to Heel Flick

A guide on how to do a heel to heel flick in FIFA 21, including basic information on the type of maneuver, best situations to use it, and useful tips.

FIFA 21 - How to Do Heel to Heel Flick

How to Do Heel to Heel Flick

The heel to heel flick is a crafty maneuver that lets you get past defending opponents, especially when in the penalty zone. It is a useful skill that is only available to players with a skill rating of four stars.

Useful Techniques


The heel to heel flick is done by tapping the right analog stick in the direction that you are running before quickly tapping it in the opposite direction. For instance, if you are running to the left, the input should be right analog stick: tap left then tap right (right stick ← > →).

If done correctly, your player will use his lead foot’s heel to flick the ball back and quickly bringing the ball forward again with the rear foot’s heel.

Game Controls

As mentioned, the heel to heel flick is a very effective maneuver against defenders, allowing you to create some space or swiftly move past them to line up a clear shot.

Tips for Heel to Heel Flick

  • Getting clipped by the opponent while performing a the heel to heel flick can grant you a free kick.
  • It is recommended to perform the heel to heel when you see a gap in the opponent’s defense inside the penalty box to easily move past them.

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