FIFA 21 - How to Do Threaded Through Passes

A guide on how to do a threaded through pass (threaded through ball) in FIFA 21, including basic information on the type of maneuver, best situations to use it, and useful tips.

FIFA 21 - How to Do Threaded Through Pass

How to Do Threaded Through Passes

The threaded through pass is a useful technique to hand the ball to your teammates by adding a slight spin to the ball as it travels deeper into the pitch. This is effective when used to exploit openings or gaps between the defenders, allowing a teammate behind them to receive the ball.

Useful Techniques


To perform a threaded through pass, hold the R1 button and press the triangle button (R1+△). If done correctly, your player will kick the ball toward the receiving teammate with a slight bend to it. The curve is meant to make it more difficult for defenders to intercept your pass.

Game Controls

Tips for Threaded Through Passes

  • The key to a successful threaded through pass is to make sure that the player who you will pass to is in good position near any defenders to receive the ball.
  • As much as possible, take the threaded through pass with a player’s strong foot for better results.

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