FIFA 21 - How to Do Low Driven Shots

A guide on how to do a low driven shot in FIFA 21, including basic information on the type of shot, best situations to use it, and useful tips.

FIFA 21 - How to Do Low Driven Shots

How to Do Low Driven Shots

A low driven shot is a powerful shot that allows you to manually aim where you want it to be placed. The shot takes a bit of practice to get used to but can be very effective when mastered.

Useful Techniques


The low driven shot is performed by holding the L1 and R1 buttons, aiming with the left analog stick, and pressing the shoot button (L1 + R1 + left analog stick direction + ◯). If done correctly, your player will kick the ball toward the direction you aimed the left analog stick to and will travel on the ground. This is very useful for placing your shots on the corner of the goal post that the goalkeeper is farther away from.

Game Controls

Tips for Low Driven Shots

  • The low driven shot must be manually aimed using the left analog stick. Not doing so will cause your player to kick the ball directly at the goalkeeper, giving him an easy save.
  • Try to get a feel for the right amount of power you need for the shot. Holding the shoot button for too long will cause your shot to widely miss the post.

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