FIFA 21 - How to Change Custom Tactics

Guide on changing custom tactics in FIFA 21, including an overview, list of adjustable squad options and game plans.

FIFA 21 - How to Change Custom Tactics

How to Change Squad Tactics

You can find custom tactics by going to Ultimate Team and looking for the Squad menu. While on the FUT menu, hold down on the left analog stick.

Squad Options

Press L2 to bring up the Squad actions and then choose Custom Tactics (LT for Xbox One).

Tactics (Style change)

The first screen lists the players styles, changing the order of the players alters their position and movement on the pitch.


Next, you’ll find the starting formation. Decide on the formation you want and finalize by pressing Traingle (Y) to switch players.

Striker Instructions

The third screen gives you the option to assign instructions to each player. There are four different instructions which include: Support, Attack, Intercept, and Defensive support.


The last screen lists the player roles. You can opt to either assign each player manually or automatically. There are 6 roles to choose from which include the team captain, short free kick, long free kick, penalties, left corner, and right corner.

Game Plans

Press L2 (LT) to cycle among the five game plans. The five game plans are balanced, ultra defensive, defensive, attacking, and ultra attacking.

Game Controls

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