FIFA 21 - Tips for Attacking

A list of tips for attacking in FIFA 21, including ways to create angles of attack, useful offensive actions, and other helpful strategies. FIFA 21 is available on Google Stadia, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows (PC).

FIFA 21 - Tips for Attacking

Tips for Attacking

Goals are the main objective of a game and knowing how to score creatively is the key to winning a match in FIFA 21. Below are some useful strategies and techniques to help you become better at approaching the post and weaving through the opponent’s defense more effectively.

Best Strikers

FIFA 21 is available on multiple platforms: Google Stadia, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows (PC).

Get comfortable with the controls.

Good familiarity with the controls when in possession of the ball lets you use all of the offensive tools available to you at any time. These can all be made second-nature by playing as many games as you can online or against the AI. Afterwards, you will want to learn as many useful techniques ranging from simple heel-to-heel flicks and drag backs to more advanced tricks like scoop turns and La Croqueta.

Game Controls

Use trigger runs.

Trigger runs with the L1 button and tilting the left analog stick to the direction you want a player to go allows you to create space for passing and receiving through constant movement. Opposing defenders will have a harder time reacting to your offense with a team that’s constantly moving and shifting angles on the attack.

Perform one-two passes.

The one-two pass is an effective technique for initiating a swift attacking sequence that is very hard to defend against. Try to aim early for better accuracy, allowing you to drive the ball around confused opponents before lining up your shot for a goal.

Use skill moves for one-on-one situations.

Crafty maneuvers such as the elastico, La Croqueta, and scoop turn are all very good moves to get past an isolated defender at the penalty box. Note that many of these moves require a skill move rating of at least four stars typically possessed by the high-performance strikers in the game so it is worth grinding to obtain them when you can.

Reset the offense.

There is no reason to force passes to your teammates when they are tightly covered by opponents, especially inside the penalty box. During such situations, you can simply pass the ball back to a safer position (typically your CDMs, LBs, and RBs) to force your opponent to react and create openings in their own defense.

Avoid sprinting (in most situations).

The best way to attack is to have a planned approach while assessing potential receivers if your offense is cut off by the opponent. Be unpredictable and avoid beelining when you have possession with the ball. This also makes it possible for other players on your team to be available nearby to shift the angle of attack, giving your opponents other things to worry about.


Knowing which type of shot to do on different situations is essential for scoring. A goalkeeper who goes too far from his post can be dealt with by performing a lobbed shot, while coming from a good angle towards the post (around the edge of the box) sets you up for a finesse shot to bend the ball. Aiming for the far post when you are within the 18-yard zone is also generally more effective than aiming for the near post.

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