FIFA 21 - How to Do Low Cross

Guide on how to do the low cross in FIFA 21, including steps on how to perform the driven pass.

FIFA 21 - How to Do Low Cross

How to Do Low Cross

Performing the low cross allows you to switch it up. You can either go for a low cross with someone at the back post or aim for the edge of the box.

Useful Techniques


The low cross can be done by tapping the cross button three times. The cross button will vary depending on which console you’re playing on. On the Sony Playstation 4, you need to tap the Square button (X for the Xbox One, or the Y button for the Nintendo Switch). Finalize the direction by pressing the left analog stick on your controller.

Game Controls

How to perform the Driven Pass

Should you wish to increase the intensity, you’ll need to accompany the action button with another one. Pressing the following buttons allows you to perform a Driven Pass. Press and hold R1 and then press X to perform it on the Sony Playstation 4. For Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players, you need to Press and hold RB and A, and R and B respectively.

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