FIFA 21 - How to Perform Bicycle Kicks

Guide on how to do the bicycle kick in FIFA 21, including steps on how to perform the set up.

FIFA 21 - How to Perform Bicycle Kicks

How to Perform Bicycle Kicks


The bicycle kick can be done as soon as you find the ball heading towards you. On the Sony Playstation 4, you need to tap L2 + Circle. For Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players, you need to press LT + B or L + A respectively.

Useful Techniques

Keep Practicing

The timing will vary depending on who you’re playing with. Some characters like Aston Villa can perform the bicycle kick without much problems compared to others.

Setting up

Another way to perform the bicycle kick is to allow your characters to do it themselves. Below are the buttons that need to be pressed to perform the set up.

Console Command
Sony Playstation 4 L2 + R1
Xbox One LT + RB
Nintendo Switch R

Game Controls

Move the left analog stick to set the direction and then perform the commands as you were performing a regular bicycle kick to unleash the move.

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