FIFA 21 - New Features

List of new features in FIFA 21, including a revamped career mode, updated gameplay, new icons, ultimate team, volta mode, and customize options.

FIFA 21 - New Features

New Features

A revamped career mode

In response to the which was not well-received in the previous title, FIFA 21 boasts many changes including a Quick Sim feature, Active Training System, and Enhanced AI.

Quick Sim allows the player to instantly skip to the match’s results. Other options included in career mode include Play Match which starts a traditional game, and Sim Match which showcases Match Sim.

Active Training simulates training days which happen can happen on any day excluding the significant match days. A training day consists of 3 session slots, each of which comes with pre-set drills and players. You can even modify the list to suit your needs.

Updated gameplay

Gameplay introduces even more attacking systems which provide better movement. Other improvements such as attacking duels to name a few give more seamless play, while competitor mode focuses on fine tuning the competitive aspect.

More icons

FIFA 21 does not shy away from the introducing even more icons. Returning veterans include Eric Cantona, Fernando Torres, and Ferenc Puskas to name a few.

Ultimate Team

With the absence of different cards, players can now expect to see stamina becomes full after a match. In addition, cards no longer improve stats for certain fan favorites, allowing for more balanced play.

Volta mode

The return of volta or the game’s street football option offers a new feature identical to squad battles. Volta squads consist of 5 members each, and players can join others online.

Players can experience more fast-paced and reactive matches as they return to the streets. Matches take place in one among the 23 volta stadiums. Aim for the top to earn points and rewards which you can exchange in featured battles.

Wear it with pride

In addition, you can learn the basics of street football through The Debut, an introduction featuring the legendary Kaká and Lisa Zimouche. You’ll also be given a chance to wear the volta apparel proud with a collection of apparel from many signature brands.

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