FIFA 21 - How to Do Floated Cross

Guide on how to do the floated cross in FIFA 21, including steps on how to adjust the intensity.

FIFA 21 - How to Do Floated Cross

How to Do Floated Cross


A floated cross involves playing the ball to one of your teammates on the winger or midfielder. Follow the path down the sides of the 18 yard box and scout for a vantage point. Use the left analog stick to dictate the direction of the cross. On the Sony Playstation 4, you need to tap L1 + Square. For Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players, you need to press LB + X or L + Y respectively to perform the floated cross.

Useful Techniques

Adjust the intensity

You can charge the floated cross to have it land nearer or farther. If you’re near the post, let go of the buttons sooner. Do the opposite if the post is far away from you. Keep practicing by letting go of the buttons sooner on some attempts and then check where the ball goes. Extend the duration of holding down the buttons and observe to figure out how long you need to press the buttons before releasing them.

Game Controls

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