Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Walkthrough Part 31 – Calm Lands

A complete walkthrough for Calm Lands in Final Fantasy X-2 (FFX-2), including obtainable items and strategies

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Calm Lands


Yuna Rikku

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Alchemist Dressphere Calm Lands (after clearing the arena)
Highroad Winds Garment Grid Calm Lands (after clearing the arena)
Gysahl Greens, Pahsana Greens Calm Lands (receive from Clasko)
Ether x2 Calm Lands (foot of the slope leading to the woods)
Chocobo Wing x2 Calm Lands (west corner)
Phoenix Down x2 Calm Lands (left of the save sphere inside the Travel Agency)
Phoenix Down x2 Calm Lands (next section, right of a chest)
Phoenix Down Calm Lands (spot near the cave with a nearby save sphere)

Area: Calm Lands

1 Follow Clasko to the old arena.
2 Watch the cutscene.
3 Enter the arena.
4 Optional: Save your game.
5 Fight five different fiends.
6 Return to the entrance next to the save sphere.
7 Pass through the recess and defeat the three Blue Elementals.
8 Speak with Clasko.
9 Go back to the main area of the Calm Lands and fight Chocobos.
10 Catch one chocobo.
11 Go to the west section of the Calm Lands.
12 Inspect the slope that connects to Macalania Woods to receive an item.
13 Go along the western side to find another chest.
14 Stop by at the Travel Agency and loot the chest on the left.
15 Talk to the two Ronsos.
16 Proceed to the northeast exit to arrive at the next area.
17 Check the right side for a chest.
18 Go down the slope near the cave to find the last chest.
19 Ascend the slope again, then follow the path to reach Mt. Gagazet.


Finding the real fiend

When you battle a fiend in the arena, the fiends will appear in a group. You must determine which fiend is the real one and defeat it. For every fiend you encounter, it will be accompanied by other fiends. You can tell which is the real fiend by observing its position. The real fiend will be facing the opposite direction of the illusory fiends. It gets tricky when you encounter Blue Elementals, however, so you need to rely on a different clue. Check the arrows if they appear to spot the real one.

You need to do this five times for each species to complete the mission.

Sending a Chocobo to the Ranch

After defeating the fiends, Clasko will require you to tame a chocobo. Talk to him to receive Gysahl Greens and Pahsana Greens. When you encounter a chocobo in battle, use the Gysahl Greens to prevent the chocobo from escaping. You would then need to defeat the fiends without hitting the chocobo. Finally, offer some Gysahl Greens to the chocobo to tame it.

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