Act 1 Walkthrough – Zofia Castle [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page contains the Chapter 1 Walkthrough – Zofia Castle. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

Act 1 Walkthrough – Zofia Gate

This article contains the Act 1 Walkthrough – Zofia Castle. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

*Currently the list is incomplete and most of these are rough translations. We will update it when the game comes out.

Available Items

Item Name Location
Black pearl Treasure Vault
Blue Cheese
Ram Wine
Steel Lance Central Hall
Iron Shield
Orange Balcony
Piece of Memory (Available in Act 3)

Available Requests

Request Name Reward
The Grand Duke of Dairy Bring the following: Holey, Blue and Pegasus Cheese to receive the following:
Exotic Spice, Renown (300), Honey, Medicinal Syrup
One Man’s Trash Retrieve the Lima Armlet from the Entombed (lv.12/15) found in the Deliverance Hideout to receive 30 Silver Marks and Renown (100)
Taken Treasure: Desaix’s Vault Find the Lyon Shield (Celica) to receive Pegasus Cheese and Renown (300)

Introduction to Act 2

Once you head to Zofia Castle in Act 2 you will be met with a couple of enemies.

These are the following foes you will encounter:

  • Cantor
  • Magician x4

The following units will fight on your side:

Have the Paladin stay in the front line to clear this skirmish and earn Exp.

With the enemy Cantor unable to perform Conjure, his presence is not too alarming during the encounter.

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