Act 3 Walkthrough – Temple of Mila [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page contains the Act 3 Walkthrough – Temple of Mila. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

Act 3 Walkthrough – Temple of Mila

This article contains the Act 3 Walkthrough – Temple of Mila. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

*Currently the list is incomplete and most of these are rough translations. We will update it when the game comes out.



The Temple sits on on the edge of the mountain. To get there, charge from the right.

This map’s boss is the Cantor Mikhail, who has the power to call upon Gargoyles to obey his command by casting Conjure. It is crucial to take out these summoned units before confronting him. He hides behind the right side of the temple, which cannot be accessed through the shortcut because the door that takes you through it is shut.

Bypass this hindrance by allowing either of the Pegasus Sisters: Palla or Catria to release the door’s lock.

Mikhail’s henchmen which consist of a Sniper and Mage provide him cover, it is usually enough for the Pegasus Knight to glide all the way through as these lack the powerful bows that counter Flying units.

Remain in your positions while the rest of the allies march to the entrance, provide some support with Physic as you go. Once the team has successfully assembled, you must guarantee that there are no Gargoyles floating about before you proceed to challenge Mikhail.

If you can secure the right side of Mila’s Temple, draw the attention of the ones that patrol the left side.

Finish off the Mikhail’s guards and summons by luring them to the team using the Pegasus Knight.

Enemy Information


Arcanist 7 34 11 6 7 0 8 8 4
Sniper 1 30 12 6 6 0 6 2 5
Mikhail 5 36 14 10 9 0 8 9 4
Gargoyle 1 26 8 3 9 0 7 7 7


Sniper 5 35 17 8 5 0 8 2 5
Arcanist 12 39 13 9 9 0 10 8 4
Mikhail 15 47 19 14 14 0 12 9 4

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  1. best strategy so far.

    genna uses evoke and removes ~half more than half of the gargoyles. hopefully atlas has been promoted to archer and he can 1hko gargoyles with a +4 steel bow and hard draw. celica can spam seraph magic. your other mages should be capable of cleaning up. now this is the tricky part. managing the arcanists and keeping up on healing without everyone gradually getting into 1hko range. the best thing to do is to bait the archers with jesse on a forest who holds either a leather shield or some healing item.

    you will eventually be able to clear 1 arcanist/sniper per turn and thats good enough, just make sure you keep on the healing.

    the hardest part is crossing the forrest. once everyones through it you’re in the clear, hard parts over.

    a silver bow on leon is acceptable, although his damage is almost unusable he can at least silence the arcanists.

    i chose sonya instead of deen and shes amazing here, she comes with 12 res and a steel shield, shes more than capable of taking 1’s from everyone (except maybe the arcanists who hurt a little bit, but not that much) she can also go ham aggro if she uses her bonus from her steel shield for an additional +5def for the turn.

    final notes, this chapter is a big ball of BS for celica, you outright need RNG on your side and both the angel ring and blessing ring in order to survive this. its increadibly difficult to keep up on healing with just celica recovery and healing rings. often times your genny is greatly needed on evoke duty just to remove the BS 9 gargoyles he can spawn. its supposed to be between 4-9, but for me mikael never spawned less than 6 ffs >.> no breathing room on this mission.

    forget about trying to kill all the gargoyles, just worry on advancing all of your units through the forest and creating favorable chokes for counter attacking with sonya or your tankyest unit which will enable you to clean up/setup for the next wave.