Act 4 Walkthrough – Attack on the Dragon’s Maw Strategy [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This article contains the strategy guide for Attack on the Dragon's Maw.

Attack on the Dragon’s Maw

Map Strategy

Welcome to the Dragon’s Maw! Here, you’ll have a variety of terrains that force you to use Alm’s mobility to the maximum. This also tests how well you can build a team. This particular map is relatively annoying in a sense that it forces your team apart. Because your team is split apart by lava and mountains, you’ll be forced to balance the team on both sides.

By the time you get to play in the Dragon’s Maw field, you should have three healers: Silque, Tatiana, and Faye. Have Silque in the middle of both teams. Tatiana can be assigned to either team especially if she already learned Fortify. Faye can do the same as well. Since Alm is at the upper right corner, divide Forsyth and Lukas on both teams. Keep Gray at the lower side of the battlefield as Alm and Lukas or Forsyth can tank.

Your enemies will compose of 9 Necrodragons.  The behaviour is relatively simple; the enemy splits into a team of 4 and 5. The team of five Necrodragons will go for the team placed at the lower part of the map. The team of four Necrodragons will go after Alm. Have your tanks surround your healers and deal as much damage as you can. One recommended cannon character is Delthea with the Mage Ring that expands her range. Since she has a such high ATK to the point that RES doesn’t matter, she can bury the Necrodragons after they confront the tanks. Your Bow Knights can also pick off the Necrodragons off one by one.

Enemy Information

Necrodragon 5 45 16 3 7 0 12 10 8

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