Act 4 “The Land of Sorrow” Walkthrough Summary [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This is the walkthrough for Act 4 - Land of Sorrow. We'll update this as soon as the English version comes out.

Act 4 “The Land of Sorrow”

The Land of Sorrow also has Alm and Celica’s side of the story. However, there may also be some slight differences as to what happens. After all, Celica already has a job class change which makes it rather tempting to prioritize her over Alm. Nonetheless, there are certain items and characters still limited depending on who’s story you play.

Walkthrough Summary

Alm’s Side of the Story

Map name Unit / Equipment Remarks
Border Battle
Rigel’s Forest
Fear Mountains
Fear Mountain Shrine Equipment: Speed Ring / Blessed Bow / Blessed Shield/ Silver Shield/ Shield of Evil Sacred Springs: Spd/ Lck
Nuibaba’s Abode Unit: Tatiana (Temporary Character)
Equipment: Mage Ring
Rigel Plains
Rigel Village Unit: Zeke (Temporary Character)
Rigel Valley
Dragon’s Maw
Rigel Falls
Secret Shrine Sacred Springs: Def / Raises fallen allies
Last Bastion
Rigel Castle Equipment: Angel’s Ring
Rigel Castle Interior Unit: Mycen
Equipment: Steel Sword / Steel Lance / Steel Bow

Celica’s Side of the Story

Map name Unit / Equipment Remarks
Mila’s Temple (Interior) Unit: Nomah Equipment : Mage of ring
Dead Man’s Mire
Mire Boneyard
Dolth’s Keep Unit : Konrad
Lost Woods Equipment : Silver Sword / Silver Spear / Steel Bow
Sage’s Hamlet Sacred Springs: Def
Duma’s Gate
Duma’s Swamp
Duma’s Tower

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