Act 5 Walkthrough – Duma’s Altar [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page contains the Act 5 Walkthrough – Duma's Altar. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

Act 5 Walkthrough – Duma’s Altar

This article contains the Act 5 Walkthrough – Duma’s Altar. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

*Currently the list is incomplete and most of these are rough translations. We will update it when the game comes out.


The final act of the Main Story which pits you against the evil Duma. Choose 20 units from your roster which combines both Alm and Celica’s Party.

Since Celica’s team is more superior than Alm’s, the bulk of the team should consist of the former. Before you begin, make sure to include the following to your roster: Long Range units, high SPD units, high RES units, and a healer with Physic.

See the following guides for the recommended characters for each party.


Unit arrangement is crucial at the start. Over at Celica’s side are several Mogalls, so be sure to have the following on Celica’s Side: Pegasus Sisters (Catria, Palla, Est), a unit with Seraphim, and Blessed Weapons. Order Celica’s team to take out the Dread Fighter and the Gold Knight that guard the northwest side, then assist them with one of Alm’s mounted or Flying allies.

Issue Celica’s group to take out the surrounding Mogalls. Before you charge at Jedah, finish off the opposing Bow Knights first. As soon as Jedah’s minions fall in number, proceed to take him on.

Click here for a detailed guide on How to defeat Jedah.

Once you eliminate Jedah from the battlefield, march towards the last boss, Duma. Note that unless you move within his range, he will remain in his position. Command your healer to perform Invoke to call upon the guidance of Illusory Soldiers. Dread Fighter Illusory Soldiers are high recommended at this point due to their exceptionally high RES. Have Alm focus on Duma with Celica at the back to accompany him.

When Duma’s HP is at most 52, leave the fight to Alm as since he can still deal significant damage. Place Celica close to Alm to trigger the Support effect, this boosts Alm’s Critical Rate.

With Alm and Celica taking on Duma, order the remaining allies to target the Witches and Arcanists. Witches may overwhelm the team, thus it is recommended to take them out to prevent them from interfering with the heroes that handle Duma.

Another concern is the enemy’s Upheaval range which affects all your units with massive damage. Recall that you are not advised to intercept Upheaval as it can take out your unit in one shot. Stay clear from the line of fire as it becomes fatal to be inside the tiles when enemies’ eyes overlap (In this case, Duma’s range and one or two of his minions). Should you wish to occupy some dangerous tiles, whittle down the enemy lines to remove any hostile enemies first to secure it.

As long as your units can deal with the threats one at a time, it is possible to simply replenish the HP lost using an ally’s Physic.

It is important to have Alm equip the Falchion in order to defeat the final boss.

Enemy Information

Duma 30 ?? 30 10 10 0 20 20 2
Jedah 20 52 21 17 16 0 15 9 4
Bow Knight 10 51 21 13 11 0 13 6 8
Arcanist (Gharn) 20 47 17 13 13 0 14 8 4
Dread Fighter (Cerberus) 10 47 20 21 23 0 14 11 7
Dread Fighter (Nabereus)  10 47 20 21 23 0 14 11 7
Gold Knight (Hades) 10 51 23 12 17 0 18 7 9
Witch 20 37 20 17 14 0 10 14 4
Mogall 5 36 17 12 20 0 10 4 3

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