Tips and Tricks: Strongest Characters Method [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This article will provide information on how to efficiently obtain characters using the Strongest Characters Method. We will be updating this as we go along.

Strongest Characters Method

This article will provide information on how to efficiently obtain characters using the Strongest Characters Method. It includes the technique on how to reset the Characters level while maintaining the Stats in order to maximize the growth of the stats.

It is recommended to use this method after finishing the Main Story once. Please note that this has worked on Fire Emblem Gaiden.

Note that information posted has worked for Gaiden and the article will be updated once the game comes out.

We apologize for the update, but it was confirmed that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia currently does not support the same effects of Angel Rings.

Basic knowledge

  • Use Angel rings to increase Stats by 2

Equip the Angel ring to increase the stats when you level up by 2 points. Since the leveling runs at an ordinary pace, having the Angel ring on the desired character is beneficial.

To obtain the Angel ring, you need to reach Chapter 3. At this point, focus on the Villager or Mercenary type characters that you plan on leveling with this method.

  • Raise the level to 20 before Changing classes

With the max level capped at 20 for each class, it is thus recommended to raise the level to max before changing classes.

During the normal playthrough, it is normal to change classes as you attain the minimum level requirement, however if you desire to obtain the Strongest character, you need to train that character to level 20 first.

  • Growth rate is random

As a character gains a level it will obtain stat points. In Fire Emblem, stat points are randomly assigned, which may be 1, 2, …, etc. In order to make leveling more efficient, it is recommended to reset the characters level by changing classes. By doing this, the character will preserve the stats it has gained from its previous class, and will accumulate even more points as it goes back to level 1 with its newly acquired class.

  • Grinding Exp efficiently

Fire Emblem like other roleplaying-games requires your character to engage in combat to gain experience which upon reaching a certain point, will raise its level by 1. As a rule of thumb, you should increase the level of each character in the most efficient location. In this game, the Entombed enemy gives very high experience upon defeating. Thus, it is recommended to raise the level of your characters in the site where the Mummy has a high spawn rate.

Training method

Initially, Alm’s companions will consist of 3 villagers. These character classes can rank up to Dread Fighter since it can revert to the first class (Villager). Since these classes can change an infinite number of times, it is possible to class change early in the game.

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