Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - All Master Classes

A guide on all Master Classes list in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. In this guide, it will give you information on each class, weapon, type, and abilities.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - All Master Classes List

All Master Classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Below are all Master Class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. These classes determines a unit’s role in a battle, master classes are accessible to characters once they reached level 30 and requires an Master Seal.

All Class List

List of All Master Class

Class Name Weapon/Skill Type Primary Ability Equipped Ability
Bow Knight Bow Cavalry Bowfaire
Gauntlet Buster Lv 4
Defiant Spd
Archer’s Wisdom
Bow Prowess
Dexterity Catalyst
Great Knight Axe Cavalry Impregnable
Lance Buster Lv 4
Defiant Def
Stalwart Stance
Armored Cavalry’s Wisdom
Armored Cavalry’s Ploy
War Master Gauntlet Infantry Shatter
Tome Buster Lv 4
Brawling Prowess
Quick Riposte
Wyvern Lord Axe Flying Grievous Blow
Lance Buster Lv 4
Defiant Crit
Nullify Flying Effect
Trickster Sword Lightweight Locktouch
Lucky Seven
Axe Buster Lv 4
Medical Expertise
Thief’s Wisdom
Mortal Savant Sword Infantry Swordfaire
Axe Buster Lv 4
Dual Onslaught
Serene Stance
Mercenary’s Ploy
Gremory Tome Infantry Black Magic Mastery
Dark Magic Mastery
White Magic Mastery
Bow Buster Lv 4
Defiant Mag
Magic Attack Range+
Ice Assist
Mage’s Wisdom
Dark Knight Lance Cavalry Black Magic+
Dark Magic+
Sword Buster Lv 4
Driven Spirit
Cyclical Specials
Specials Master
Holy Knight Lance Cavalry White Magic+
Terrain Resistance
Sword Buster Lv 4
Defiant Res
United Front
Adjutant’s Benefit
Nullify Cavalry Effect
Falcon Knight Lance Flying Alert Stance+
Sword Buster Lv 4
Harmonious Specials
Item Expertise
Pegasus Knight’s Wisdom
Dark Bishop Tome Infantry Miasma
Dark Magic Mastery
Cavalry Buster Lv 4
Impossible Feat
Absorb Speed
Absorb Dexterity
Death Knight Lance Infantry Deadly Scythe
Sword Buster Lv 5
Solitary Stand
Great Lord Lance Infantry Charm
Sword Buster Lv 5
Seasoned Tactics
Savior of the Meek
Enlightened One Sword Infantry Blessed Breath
Terrain Resistance
Axe Buster Lv 5
Saint’s Power
Goddess’s Vessel
Asura Sword Infantry Swift Awakening
Axe Buster Lv 5
The Creation
Renewed Carnage
Dancer Sword Infantry Tome Buster Lv 4 Special Dance
Charm Catalyst
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