Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Maintain Arianrhod’s Perimeter Battle Stage Guide

Battle stage guide for Maintain Arianrhod's Perimeter in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes' Chapter 10: Shifting History (Scarlet Blaze Route - Back Eagles). This includes a breakdown of battle details, first time and s-rank rewards, mission and side objectives, and recruitable characters.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Maintain Arianrhod's Perimeter Battle Stage Guide

Maintain Arianrhod’s Perimeter Battle Stage Guide for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Battle Details

Chapter Chapter 10: Shifting History
Location Western Rowe Territory
Victory Conditions Defeat the Cavalier and other enemies.
Defeat Conditions The Back Alley is captured.
How to Unlock Start Chapter 10: Shifting History

Clear Rewards

First Time Reward 5400G
S Rank Rewards Foreign Tome x1
S Rank Requirements Complete Time: 7 minutes
Enemies Defeated: 500
Damage Taken: 30%

Recommended Units

Unit Class
Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Shez Male Character IconShez (Active)

All Character and Unit List

Recruitable Characters

There are no recruitable characters in this battle stage.

All Recruitable Characters List

Mission Objectives

Maintain Arianrhod’s Perimeter Mission Objectives
Main Mission Objectives

  • Defeat the Cavalier and their allies!
  • Defeat Count Geraint and claim victory!

Side Mission Objectives

  • Defeat the Messenger within the time limit to stop the call for reinforcements!
  • Help the Fortress Knight reach their destination!

Surveying Spots

Surveying Spot Reward
House Lavish Building Material x16, Elite Training Gear x10
Gate Brigid Mercenaries or Albinean Vagabonds
House Lavender x2, Rose x2, Lily x2 (requires 1500G)

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