Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Who Should you Gift the Merc Whistle?

A guide on Merc Whistle in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. In this guide, it will give you information on the item, characters, rewards, and many more.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Who Should you Gift the Merc Whistle?

Who Should you Gift the Merc Whistle? in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Merc Whistle is a unique Special Accessory that Shez can gift to only 1 ally in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Below is our guide on everything you should know about this item and the benefits of gifting it to an ally.

What is Merc Whistle?

“A whistle used to notify fellow mercenaries of one’s position. Can also be given as a good luck charm”

This item is one of the rarest and best gift that Shez can only give once to any ally unit. Merc Whistle will be available as you progress through the game, it appear on the start of Chapter 10.

It is known to be the most valuable item in the game as Shez only receives 1 per game playthrough, players needs to carefully think of who should you give it to and when.

Who can you gift it to?

It can be gifted to an ally unit that Shez attained a rank A support with, giving the Merc Whistle to a character means they are special and they will also give you a special gift in return.

After giving the item and receiving a gift from them, you can use it as an accessory that you can equip to obtain their special ability. Below is the list of the characters, their abilities, and special gift:

We are still gathering information about Merc Whistle, please keep an eye on our page for more updates.

Character Ability Gift
Byleth (Female/Male) Divine Pulse Tactics Primer
Dimitri Azure Lightning Azure Dagger
Ashe Wind Stance Loog and the Maiden of Wind
Bernadetta Personal Space Shez Doll
Yuri Deceit Silver Ring
Marianne Snowslip Fancy Handerkchief
Balthus Golden Fists Secret Medicine
Shamir Cold Calculation Animal Bone Dice
Annette Courageous Aria Wooden Doll
Lorenz Rondo of Roses Rose Brooch
Linhardt Easy Breezy Portable Lamp
Jeralt Blade Breaker Beast Repellent
Hilda Lightning Bound Bottle of Flowers
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All Characters

Best Character to Gift Merc Whistle

  • Byleth (Female/Male)
  • Shamir
  • Shez
  • Ferdinand
  • Balthus

“A Very Special Friend” Achievement

Once Shez has gifted the Merc Whistle, an in-game achievement will be unlocked and can be viewed on your Achievements tab on the game menu.

Post Game Unlockable

After playing the game and starting the New Game plus mode, the Merc Whistle can now be purchased from the Renown Exchange, This item lets you instantly clear any battle stage. Doing so, however, will not let you receive any clear rewards and all achievement rank will automatically be rated D.

Post-Game Unlockables

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