Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - The Dawning Battle Stage Guide

Battle stage strategy and guide for The Dawning in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes' Chapter 0: Crossed Roads. This includes a breakdown of battle details, first time and s-rank rewards, mission and side objectives, recommended active and support units.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - The Dawning Battle Stage Guide

The Dawning Battle Stage Guide in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Battle Details

Chapter Chapter 0: Crossed Roads
Location Near Imperial Alliance Territory
Recommended Level Level 1 or higher.
Victory Conditions Jeralt’s Mercenaries forces are routed.
Defeat Conditions None.
How to Unlock Start Chapter 0: Crossed Roads

Chapter 0: Crossed Roads and Support Conversations

Clear Rewards

First Time Reward None
S Rank Rewards None
S Rank Requirements None
Complete Time: None
Enemies Defeated: None
Damage Taken: None

Recommended Units

Unit Class
Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Shez Male Character IconShez (Active) Mymidon

All Character and Unit List


Coming Soon!

Mission Objectives

The Dawning Mission Objectives
Main Mission Objectives

  • Team up with Getz and Lazley to defeat the nearby enemies!
  • Defeat the Mercenary Captain!
  • Drain the Stronghold Captain’s Stun Gauge and defeat them with a critical rush!
  • Defeat Jeralt’s Mercenaries’ main force!
  • Defeat Byleth and avenge Captain Berling!
  • Defeat Jeralt’s Mercenaries’ elites!

Side Mission Objectives

  • None

The Dawning Battle Stage Walkthrough

1 Follow the path and apply the battle tutorial to enemies. Must clear 150 enemies to move further.
2 Take the next stronghold and defeat the Mercenary Captain.
3 Move to another stronghold marked with “X”. Defeat the Stronghold Captain.
4 Proceed to the target area highlighted in red. Eliminate another Stronghold Captain.
5 Face the boss enemy, “Byleth” in a scripted battle. Deal damage and survive. You will trigger a cutscene in a while.
6 Defeat three Elite Soldiers and face the boss again in Awakened Mode.
7 Clear the battle stage.

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