Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - Chapter 3: The Town that Tempted Fate Walkthrough

A full walkthrough and guide for Chapter 3: The Town that Tempted Fate in Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and PC. Included are all obtainable items, enemies, bosses, side quests, and a detailed guide on how to clear the chapter.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - Chapter 3: The Town that Tempted Fate Walkthrough

Chapter 3: The Town that Tempted Fate Walkthrough

This is a full walkthrough and guide for Chapter 3: The Town that Tempted Fate in Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. Included are all obtainable items, enemies, bosses, side quests, and a detailed guide on how to clear the chapter.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Walkthroughs

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items obtainable in this walkthrough:

Item Location
Hush-be-Gone x1 World Map
Soreaway x1
Soreaway Sweet x1
Magic Muffler x1
Venom-be-Gone x1 Forest of Niall
Angel’s Tear x1
Fiery Ranger’s Bow x1
Lumpen Lumber x5 Sunnypath Pond
Sixth Censer x1
Water Barrage Bow x1 (After defeating Mossy Monument) Auld Woods
Elite Sorcerer’s Ring x1


Here is a list of boss enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Enemy Location
Mossy Monument Auld Woods
Longfang Goldpaw


3-1 Heartlands, Homelands

1 Watch the cutscene. Afterwards, talk to the pirate to go out into the world map.
2 Head south and head left towards the wooden platforms to find a blue chest. Since you cannot open it yet, just marked it on your map for now.
3 Drop down to the slope and follow it. Then, head south to find some wooden platforms again to reach a fork.
4 Take the path going north (the south one will lead you back to Cloudcoil Canyon).
5 Watch the cutscene when you reach the entrance of Plainview Plateau.
6 Read the tutorial on skirmishes. Afterwards, head for the flag to start The Battle for the Heartlands.
7 You will only have two units during this first skirmish so most of the other options at the battle screen will be unavailable. Simply choose “Mobilize Forces” to begin the battle.
8 Read the tutorial on controlling units. Defeat the enemies by having your close-range unit charge at the enemies that appear and position your ranged unit not too far behind. Follow the next few tutorials and make your way down the slope. Chingsis’ Special Tactic is a good tactic to use, especially on the enemies near the gate.
9 Destroy the tower and set your sights on attacking the enemy’s command post. Afterwards, clear out the remaining bandit army to end the skirmish.
10 After the battle, activate the Rubbly Ruins trip door.
11 Afterwards, move north and follow it to another chest hidden behind some trees. Open it to get Close-Range Ring x1.
12 You can find another chest by going around to get Hush-be-Gone x1.
13 Afterwards, go north again while hugging the left side. You should find another chest containing 500 Guilders.
14 Head back to the trip door and move north. Start hugging the left side again to find another chest near the trees. Open it to get Three-leafed Soreaway x1.
15 Continue north along the mountain to reach Tightfit Cavern. Go inside to pick up some items and find a Higgledy Stone.
16 Exit the cave and walk to the beach. Open the chest to get Soreaway Sweet x1. Then, head east from Tightfit Cavern to find a red and blue chest. Open the red one to get Magic Muffler x1.
17 Backtrack to the trip door again and go south. Cross the bridge and watch the cutscene along the way.

3-2 The Master of the Forest

1 Once you have set up camp, exit to the world map again.
2 Go south to reach the Forest of Niall and a cutscene. Use the Waystone to save and heal if you want as well.
3 Activate the Greenling Grove trip door and go inside the large tree to get Wolfram Spear x1.
4 Behind the large tree is a chest with Mock Toadstool x5. Afterwards, head behind the the corner from the entrance to get Venom-be-Gone x1.
5 You can find another chest along the edge of the water to get Angel’s Tear x1 as well.
6 Move further into the area while sticking to the left side to find a chest with 500 Guilders.
7 Go up the ramp to get Fiery Ranger’s Bow x1 inside another chest.
8 Approach the area in the middle with another large tree. Move toward the strangers there and go down the hallway.
9 Talk to Niall and activate the Sunnypatch Pond trip door.

3-3 Meeting Master Pugnacius

1 Leave the Forest of Niall. Afterwards, cross the tree bridges going south.
2 Travel south to Goldpaw.
3 Activate the Great Gate trip door after entering Goldpaw. Then, head for the Dreaming Chamomile trip door just straight ahead.
4 Move along the path on the right to find the Lucky Stars Casino trip door and just a little ways further is the Fortune Square trip door.
5 Move further through a door and watch the cutscene. Then, go up to the High Roller’s Hall. Agree to bet 1000 Guilders in the dice game with the Gatekeeper. Note that you are guaranteed to lose each game no matter what you choose.
6 Afterwards, go to the casino and talk to the people marked on the map.
7 Go back to the inn and talk to your party. Then, return to the Gatekeeper at High Roller’s Hall.
8 After getting past the Gatekeeper, go inside.

3-4 A Nationwide Scandal

1 Examine the Lady Luck statue after talking to Master Pugnacius. Watch the cutscene afterwards.
2 Head to Sunnypatch Pond via the trip door and talk to Niall to learn the Quicken Growth spell. You will now be able to use the mushrooms to travel to new areas in the game.
3 From the forest, move along the path going east to find some mushrooms. Use Quicken Growth and go up to the upper level.
4 When you reach the large tree, go left and walk until you reach the lower level.
5 Take out the enemies that appear. Then, head southwest to find more mushrooms near a giant log.
6 Go over the log by using Quicken Growth on the mushroom. Then, head for the chest on the right to get Lumpen Lumber x5.
7 Move along the branch ahead and go left. Take out the enemies and follow the path to find a chest containing Sixth Censer x1.
8 Activate the Auld Woods trip door and use the Waystone if you need to.
9 Proceed to the wide open area ahead and towards the hallway to the right.
10 Go through the doors until you are in a room with a bookshelf at the back. Examine the shelf to find the signed instructions.
11 Next, head to the hallway to the left and go through the doors. Check the back of the room to find a remote device.
12 Go outside and prepare to battle Mossy Monument (view boss guide).
13 After defeating the Mossy Monument, you will get Watery Barrage Bow x1. Interact with the Higgledy Stone and give it a Gunkshroom to have Mutton-Bane join your party.
14 Open the chest to your left to get Elite Sorcerer’s Ring x1.
15 Head back to Master Pugnacius at the Grand High Roller’s Hall to begin the Kingmaker’s Trial. Afterwards, prepare to battle Longfang (view boss guide).

3-5 Niall Gets Back His Forest

1 After clearing the Kingmaker’s Trial, head back to the Forest of Niall.
2 Talk to Niall.
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