Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - Tips for Beginners

Useful tips for beginners in Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, including recommended strategies for the early stages of the main story, side quests, recruiting citizens, combat, Kingdom Management, and skirmishes.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Prince's Edition - Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners

Below are a list of tips for new players in Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. Included are tips for general tips, as well as useful beginner strategies for Kingdom Management and skirmishes.

General Tips

Progress to Chapter 4 to unlock Kingdom Management.

Upon starting a new game, it is recommended to focus on the main story until you unlock Kingdom Management in Chapter 4. Upon gaining control of your own kingdom, you will be able to gain access to various equipment, materials, research perks, and other useful features to help you progress through the main story more smoothly.

Chapter 4: Ferdinand, Mighty Ferdinand Walkthrough

Do side quests as often as you can.

Clearing as many available side quests allows you to earn rewards such as various equipment, guilders (money), experience points, and recruitable citizens who will work at your kingdom. The last is particularly important for upgrading your kingdom level which unlocks more benefits toward the later stages of the game.

Side Quests List

Note that raising your kingdom level is also one of the main objectives halfway through the story so take the time to invite as many characters to your kingdom by doing side quests.

All Recruitable Citizens List

Adjust the Tactics Tweaker.

The Tactics Tweaker is a useful feature that lets you adjust various parameters in battle such as damage to specific enemy types, experience points gained, and enemy drop rate. When taking on bosses, for example, you can set the Tactics Tweaker for dealing more damage to specific monster races or even increase resistance against certain attributes to gain the advantage in combat.

Leveling Guide

Meanwhile, you can also adjust the Tactics Tweaker to focus on gaining more experience points after each battle if you want to level up fast.’

Kingdom Management Tips

Check your coffers frequently.

Check your coffers as often as you can in Kingdom Management to collect funds (KG) to use for building facilities and researching beneficial perks. Collecting funds frequently during the early stages of the game is important to prevent your coffers from overflowing.

Increase influence.

The best way to spend KG during the early stages of the game is to build facilities that increase your influence. Doing so allows you to amass more funds at a quicker rate which gives you freedom to invest on other useful facilities and upgrades later on.

Among the best facilities to build as soon as possible is the Institute of Innovation that has research perks that reduce the cost of constructing and upgrading buildings and acquiring perks by as 20 percent.

Expand coffer limit.

It is also recommended to expand your coffer limit as soon as possible which allows you to stockpile larger amounts of funds at a time before collecting them.

Skirmish Tips

Use unit enhancements during briefing phase.

The Bolster Forces enhancement that you can activate during the preparation stages of each skirmishes increases the strength of your troops by spending KG. Try to use the enhancement as often as possible to make battles easier.

Take out towers, strongholds, and cannons as soon as possible.

Siege towers, strongholds, and cannons will hinder your troops and can damage them from a distance while you are busy dealing with the enemy’s ground forces. If you leave these structures unattended for too long, your army will be thinned out, making it hard to win later engagements.

Strongholds and cannons can be rebuilt to work as your own structures by spending a portion of your army gauge. While doing this helps for defense, it is generally better to avoid rebuilding enemy structures and just focus on routing the opposing side to win the battle as soon as possible.

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