Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - Chapter 5: The Sea Queen’s Curse Walkthrough

A full walkthrough and guide for Chapter 5: The Sea Queen's Curse in Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and PC. Included are all obtainable items, enemies, bosses, side quests, and a detailed guide on how to clear the chapter.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - Chapter 2: The Kingdom to Come Walkthrough

Chapter 2: The Kingdom to Come Walkthrough

This is a full walkthrough and guide for Chapter 2: The Kingdom to Come in Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. Included are all obtainable items, enemies, bosses, side quests, and a detailed guide on how to clear the chapter.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Walkthroughs

Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items obtainable in this walkthrough:

Item Location
Anti-freeze Bone Mail x1 (after defeating Jelly Queen) Briney Shrine
Three-leafed Soreaway x1 (Forest of Niall) Forest of Niall
Soakproof Enchanted Armor x1 (after defeating Cetus) Leucippes’ Labyrinth
Silver Nugget x5 The Abyss
Damp Fluttery Baton x1
All-be-Gone x1
Waterproof Sea Breeze Sandals x1
Strong Sixth Censer x1
Greatsword x1
Punisher’s Ring x1
Anti-nixing Bone Mail x1
Songbook No. 15
Four-leafed Soreaway x1


Here is a list of boss enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Enemy Location
Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - Jelly QueenJelly Queen Briney Shrine
Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - ZaggZagg Hard Woods
Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - CetusCetus Leucippes’ Labyrinth
Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - BrineskimmerBrineskimmer Abyss


5-1 The Shipwrights of Capstan

1 Follow the marked destination to Crossover Bridge. Afterwards, head to Capstan-upon-Hull by going southeast.
2 Talk to Mr. Wright. Then, go to the world map and go left. Follow the path along the coast going west before going south through the beach.
3 Once you reach Briney Shrine, examine it. Afterwards, prepare to battle the Jelly Queen (view boss guide).
4 After defeating the Jelly Queen, you will get Anti-freeze Bone Mail x1. Then, return to the shipwrights at Capstan-upon-Hull.
5 After talking to the shipwrights, return to Evermore and talk to Niall. Once you get the Thornaway Spray from Niall, head to the Forest of Niall.
6 Move ahead and go up the ramp heading to the right. Approach the Puffburs and use the Thornaway on them.
7 Then, keep moving along the ramp and go right when the path opens. Take out the enemies along the way and go up the ramp on the right. Open the chest to get Three-leafed Soreaway x1.
8 Go back down the ramp and walk toward the mushrooms. Use Quicken Growth on them and go up the long winding path.
9 When you reach the split, take the path on the right and follow it. To your right is a chest with Songbook No. 14 inside.
10 Move further ahead past the Thogg to find a Higgledy Stone that will ask for a Dark Prism.
11 Then, go down and turn left to find Wizardly Twinkly Tunic x1. Afterwards, go back up and head for the path down to Hard Woods.
12 Move ahead and prepare to battle Zagg (view boss guide).
13 Head back to Capstan-upon-Hull after defeating Zagg. Talk to Ketch to invite him to the Kingdom of Evermore.

5-2 An Audience with the Queen

1 You will be able to travel more areas using the boat.
2 Travel to Hydropolis and watch the cutscene. Once you have talked to the guards, talk to the citizens marked on the map.
3 Visit the equipment shop and talk to the shopkeeper Xiphos to get the Coral Ring. You will then need to complete Side Quest 041: Ringing Around, which simply requires you to deliver 3 packages to people around Hydropolis.
4 Talk to Xiphos after clearing the side quest to get Adore Ring x1.
5 Watch the cutscene. Then, talk to the Queen.

5-3 What Lurks in the Labyrinth

1 After Leander joins your party, return to Kardia Square by talking to the Hydroportal Attendant.
2 Get on the boat by sailing to the sailor at the harbor and make your way east to Leucippes’ Labyrinth.
3 When you arrive at the labyrinth, you will need to clear the skirmish Labor of the Labyrinth. Afterwards, head forward to reach the Seat of the Sea Beast and prepare to battle Cetus (view boss guide).
4 After defeating Cetus, you will get the Ocean’s Aether and Soakproof Enchanted Armor x1.
5 Head back to Hydropolis.

5-4 The Lady Vanishes

1 Sail to the Abyss. Upon arriving at the destination, follow the marked location on the map.
2 Open the chest to the left before heading down to get Silver Nugget x5.
3 Follow the path on the right down the ramp and break the corals along the way, allowing you to pick up their fragments.
4 Approach the Puffer Whelk to learn the Water Slide spell and use it on the shell.
5 Head up to the next area by jumping on the spout.
6 Take out the enemies in the next area. Afterwards, look for another one of the shells on your left that goes back up to the previous area.
7 Take out another group of enemies and had for another shell that leads forward.
8 Move along the path going left and look for another shell you can use to go to the other side.
9 A chest with Damp Fluttery Batton x1 can be found by moving around to the right.
10 Jump down and head back to the previous area and turn right to find some more enemies to deal with.
11 After taking out the enemies, head for the chest containing All-be-Gone x1 behind the path.
12 Backtrack to where you took out the group of enemies and head for the lower level using the shell.
13 Move along the left wall and go down the ramp. Take out the enemies ahead and use the shell near the end to take you back up.
14 Turn right and drop down to find a chest containing a Pair of Waterproof Sea Breeze Sandals x1.
15 Jump down another lower down and give the Higgledy Stone a Bright Button. Afterwards, Haddock the Fishy will join you.
16 Jump down and go forward and head to the next area using the shell on the right.
17 Take out the enemies that appear. Afterwards, open the chest behind the pillar to get Strong Sixth Censer x1.
18 Head to the previous level using the shell nearby. Afterwards, go down and use the other shell to go further down another level.
19 Next, jump down another level and go right. Deal with another group of enemies. Move along the path while sticking to the left to find a chest containing 1700 Guilders.
20 Turn around and return to the previous shell. From there, make a left. Look to the left as you move to find a chest with Greatsword x1.
21 Backtrack to the shell that leads to the path across and take out the enemies near the ramp.
22 Go up the ramp and turn right. When you come across another shell, use it to go over the gap and reach the area ahead.
23 Head for the next shell while dealing with the next group of enemies along the way.
24 Move to the next area and look to the right to find a chest with Punisher’s Ring x1.
25 Backtrack past the previous shells and make your way down. Stick to the right and go up the ramp. Use the shell to go down a level and move along the path to the right.
26 Follow the path as it drops down until you reach a gap with a chest at the other side. Time a jump to go across and open the chest to get Anti-nixing Bone Mail x1.
26 Go back to the other side and stick to the right wall. Move to the lower level to find a chest with Pieces of Jade Coral x5.
28 Keep going right towards the marked location. Afterwards, go up to the previous level using the shell and go left up the ramp.
29 Follow the path until you find another shell that will take you down to the next area.
30 To the left are some coral with a chest behind them. Open the chest to get Songbook No. 15.
31 Keep moving left and deal with the group of enemies that appear. Use the next shell you find to go up to another chest. Open it to get Four-leafed Soreaway x1.
32 Just behind it is a Higgledy Stone. Give it a Bighorn Shell to get Clambunctious the Calm to join you.
33 Go down all the way to the lowest level and move to the right. Along the edge of the area is a chest containing Angel’s Tear x1 and the Waystone just nearby.
34 Use the Waystone to heal and save your game. Afterwards take the shell to reach final area and prepare to battle the next Kingmaker Brineskimmer (view boss guide).

5-5 Hydropolis Joins the Union

1 Watch the cutscene. Leander will then join your party permanently.
2 Talk to Nerea.
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