Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling Guide

Overview and guide on how to play the bowling sports game in Nintendo Switch Sports. This includes game and motion controls.

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Play Bowling Guide

How to Play Bowling in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Play Bowling Guide

Bowling is a returning sport introduced in Nintendo Switch Sports.

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Number of Players 1-8 players
Local Play Up to 4 players
Online Play Up to 8 players
Online Random Up to 16 players (Free For All)
CPU Rank ? Difficulty

Bowling Court

Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling Court

Playing Bowling

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Play Bowling Guide

Swing your Joy-Con to roll the ball, adding a little curve by twisting your wrist. Challenge family and friends to a bowling tourney, or put your skills to the test in a 16-player knockout game online. There are a host of tricky challenges to take on if you’re playing solo too, such as moving obstacles to avoid and narrow ledges to bowl down.

Bowling Point Bonuses

Bonus Points/Multiplier How to Unlock
 Play Bonus 40 points Finish the match.
Victory Bonus x1.2 Win the match.
Split Conversion x1.1 ?
Ranking Bonus x1.1 ?
Strike Bonus x1.1 ?
Three-Strike Bonus x1.05 ?
Five-Strike Bonus x1.05 ?
Five-Spare Bonus x1.05 ?
Scored 100+ Bonus x1.05 ?
Scored 200+ Bonus x1.05 ?

Motion Controls

Bowl the ball to hit over the maximum number of pins to compete. There is a special mode where obstacles appear in the lane, too! Get the highest score you possibly can.

All Game Controls

Motion Control Move Set
Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling Motion Control Starting Position Starting Position
(Start position Hold down the ZR/ZL button and hold the Joy-Con controller in front of your chest.)
Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling Motion Control Starting Position Throwing
Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling Motion Control Hook Hooking

CPU Bowling Skills

All Sportsmate List

Normal Difficulty

Coming Soon!

Standard Difficulty

Coming Soon!

Powerhouse Difficulty

Coming Soon!

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