Nintendo Switch Sports - Pro League Mode Guide

Pro League guide for Nintendo Switch Sports, including how to unlock Pro League mode, how to rank up, effects on online multiplayer, and other features.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Pro League Guide

Pro League Guide for Nintendo Switch Sports

What is the Pro League?

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Unlock Pro League Mode

The Pro League is Nintendo Switch Sports‘ online player matchmaking and ranking mode. To unlock Pro League, you must achieve Certified Pro status by racking up wins in the various mini games. Note that online multiplayer requires an internet connection and Nintendo Online subscription. This means that it is not possible to unlock Pro League mode offline (local multiplayer).

Pro League Ranks

Nintendo Switch Sports - Pro League Rank Up

All players start at E rank (the lowest) and work their way up to A rank (the highest). There are a total of 12 ranks based on skill. Winning games earns you rank points to level up and challenge more skilled players online.

How Does Rank Affect Gameplay in Pro League?


Online matchmaking pits you against players with the same Pro League rank as you. As you move up the competitive ladder by winning games, you will start to encounter tougher competition from rivals around the world.

Unlockable Items and Completion Bonuses (to be confirmed)

While not confirmed in official sources, it is expected that rarer completion bonuses such as items, outfits, accessories, and other customization options become available once you reach higher ranks in the Pro League.

Completion Bonuses List

Online Leaderboards (to be confirmed)

Pro League mode is also likely to include a global leaderboard feature which may allow players to view the top players (and even teams) for each of the different sporting events. More information on this will be added when they are confirmed in the game.

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