Nintendo Switch Sports - Outfits & Accessories List

List of all Outfits & Accessories in Nintendo Switch Sports, including each menu and other variants.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Outfits & Accessories List

All Outfits & Accessories List in Nintendo Switch Sports

Character Customization Menu Guide

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you can customize your own character in-game to make it more fashionable. You can also buy and unlock some clothing and other accessories available in the game. Here’s a guide on how you can change your character.

Default Clothing Collection

Outfits & Accessories List

On the Outfits & Accessories option on the Customize menu, an Official Gear with 8 different colors are given to all players. The colors are; Magenta, Orange, Lime Green, Ivory, Green, Blue, Purple, and Brown.

01 Simple Collection

Clothing Collection

Coming Soon!

02 Cute Collection

Cute Collection rewards

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