Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Unlock Staffer Title

A guide on how to unlock the Staffer title for your Sportsmate character in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Unlock Staffer Title

How to Unlock Staffer Title in Nintendo Switch Sports

Play the Tennis Wall Ball Mini Game and Score at Least 50 Hits

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you can unlock a special Sportsmate title for your avatar by playing the wall ball mini game during the game’s staff credits. Select Play Locally (offline mode) from the game’s main menu to go to Spocco Square. Then, select Options from the lower right corner of the screen.

How to Access the Mini Game

From the Options menu, scroll down select Staff Credits to play the game’s end credits. You will notice that your Sportsmate character will be standing with a tennis ball and racket on the right side of the screen. Use your Joy-Con to serve the ball to the wall and hit it back as many times as you can. If you manage to keep the mini game going past 50 hits, you will get the Staffer title that you can set on your character from the Customize menu.

Note that the Staffer title is unlocked for all of your current Sportsmate characters. You do not need to play the wall ball mini game again to get it for your other avatars.

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