Nintendo Switch Sports - Completion Bonus Point Multipliers

Completion bonus point multipliers list and guide for Nintendo Switch Sports, including each bonus' conditions to activate, applicable sport events, and point multiplier values.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Completion Bonus Point Multipliers

Completion Bonus Point Multipliers for Nintendo Switch Sports

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you can trigger special point multipliers for completing matches in any of the different sports events. This allows you to earn more points which you can use to unlock new customization items such as outfits, accessories, gear, and other cool features.

Below is a list of all completion bonus point multipliers in the game, including the events they can be activated, conditions to trigger them, and multiplier value.

Bonus Sport/s Condition Point Multiplier
Long-Rally Bonus Volleyball, Badminton x1.1

Completion Bonus Points Can Only Be Earned Online

Note that you can only earn completion bonus points during online play (Play Globally) which requires an internet connection and Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) subscription. Playing offline (Play Locally) does not earn you points which means that you are likely to miss out on various unlockable items.

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