Nintendo Switch Sports - Multiplayer Guide

A guide on how to play co-op multiplayer in Nintendo Switch Sports , including steps to begin local and online connection.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Multiplayer Guide

How to Play Multiplayer  in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports Multiplayer Guide

In Nintendo Switch Sports, it supports both local and online game with another player using a Nintendo Switch console. You can either team up or duel with your friend in this game.

Local Multiplayer

Upon opening the game, you’ll see “Play Locally” on the menu, this means you can play with people with another Nintendo Switch Console that are in the same room as yours and with an option to play it with a Split Screen. The number of players that you can play with during this mode is 1 to 4 players, it requires multiple Joy-Cons for a local multiplayer game mode.

Online Multiplayer

Nintendo Switch Sports - Spocco Square

Playing with Friends online requires a Nintendo Switch Online Membership and this mode only allows 1 to 2 players. You also need a good internet connection to online and play smoothly with your friends, you can check your ping and wait for your friends while in lobby.

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