Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball Guide

Overview and guide on how to play the volleyball sports game in Nintendo Switch Sports. This includes game and motion controls

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Play Volleyball Guide

How to Play Volleyball in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Play Volleyball Guide

Volleyball is a new sport introduced in Nintendo Switch Sports.

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Number of Players 1-4 players
Local Play Up to 4 players
Online Play Up to 4 players (2 vs. 2)
Online Random Up to 4 players (2 vs. 2)
CPU Rank ? Difficulty

Volleyball Court

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball Court

Playing Volleyball

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Play Volleyball Guide

Use a Joy-Con controller to serve, bump, set, and spike the ball. The key to winning is cooperation, so work together with your partner to create openings and score points! Throwing your arms up at the right time will block incoming shots and give you an opportunity to counter too.

Volleyball Mechanics

You must earn total points of 5 before your opponent. There is no time limit so a match can go as long as it can when no team scored 5 points. If you get a tie, the first side that reaches 7 points will win the match.

Volleyball Point Bonuses

Bonus Points/Multiplier How to Unlock
 Play Bonus 30 points Finish the match.
Victory Bonus x1.2 Win the match.
Team Bonus x1.1 Combination attacks?
Decided by Deuce x1.1 Reach a tie during the match.

Motion Controls

Enjoy cooperating or challenging in a Two-on-Two team battle. Serve, bump, set, spike, block and return the ball across the net with a variety of actions.

All Game Controls

Motion Control Moveset
Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball Motion Control Serve Serving
(Move the Joy-con to your head and swing upwards or downwards.)
Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball Motion Control Bump Bumping or Receiving
(Move the Joy-con to your waist and swing upwards.)
Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball Motion Control Set and Block Setting or Blocking
(Move the Joy-con to your head and push it upwards.)
Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball Motion Control Spike Spiking
(Move the Joy-con to your head and swing it downwards.)
Moving Left or Right
(Use the stick of your Joy-con to move left or right.)

How to Win Volleyball

Hit the ball perfectly

Make sure to hit the ball (serve, bump, block, and spike) at the right moment in order to have better control of the ball. Unleash a fast-moving spike and let your opponents have a lesser chance to respond.

A “Nice” text will appear when you hit the ball at the right time.

Smash the ball on blind spots

Target an open spot far from the opponents to score easily. If the opposing teams are able to respond, they may mess up their timing or be forced to shoot weak spikes.

Be careful on hitting the outside the court or else the opposing team will score instead.

Coordinate your offense

As a two-on-two team sport, you need coordinate with your teammate to win a match. Either set a ball or spike at the right time to score a point.

A “Team Bonus” multiplier in increasing your overall points when you finish a match.

Move left or right to block/receive the ball

You can move from left to right when blue arrows appear on your side of the court.  They appear when your team is about to receive/bump or block a ball.

CPU Volleyball Skills

All Sportsmate List

Normal Difficulty

Coming Soon!

Standard Difficulty

Coming Soon!

Powerhouse Difficulty

Coming Soon!

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