Nintendo Switch Sports - Sportsmate or Mii: Which is Better?

Sportsmate or Mii: Which is Better? This guide details the differences between Sportsmate and Mii avatars to help you decide which character type to make.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Sportsmate or Mii: Which is Better?

Should You Make a Sportsmate or Mii Character in Nintendo Switch Sports?

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you will be able to create Sportsmate and Mii avatars that you can play as in any of the game’s different sports events. Neither character type has any advantages over the other in terms of performance during matches so it all boils down to your taste and love for character customization.


Nintendo Switch Sports - Sportsmate Character

Sportsmates are a new type of player character introduced in Nintendo Switch Sports. While being cartoon-like in appearance like Miis, Sportsmates more closely resemble humans (albeit miniature ones) than their classic counterparts by having more detailed and expressive faces.


Nintendo Switch Sports - Mii Character

Miis, Nintendo’s iconic customizable avatars, where first introduced on the Wii console to serve as the player’s character when using the platform’s different social features. Miis have since become among the most recognizable avatars in video games, appearing on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Switch platforms. Design-wise, Miis have more cartoony faces than Sportsmates which almost appear comically flatter than their more recent counterparts.

Sportsmate or Mii?

Choosing to create a Sportsmate or Mii character mainly depends on your taste and preferences. You may want to go for Sportsmates for their more expressive facial features. Sportsmates are also able to wear special accessories and outfit pieces on their face and head which Miis do not have access to. In terms of outfit options (tops and bottoms), both Sportsmates and Miis generally enjoy the same selections.

Miis, meanwhile, may appeal to long-time Nintendo fans who have grown attached to their simple and iconic design since they first appeared. While customization options for Miis are fewer compared to Sportsmates, they make for it through sheer nostalgic satisfaction.

Create a Sportsmate and Mii Character

Since you are able to create multiple avatars in the game, we simply recommended that you try making both a Sportsmate and Mii character. Keep in mind that Pro League ranks when playing online is unique to each avatar you make so decide on a character type that you intend to stick with when climbing the competitive ladder.


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