Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Set Dominant Hand and Leg

A guide on how to set your Sportsmate or Mii character's dominant hand and leg in Nintendo Switch Sports. Included are the steps to adjust your avatar's handedness for each of the different sporting events and other useful tips.

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Set Dominant Hand and Leg

How to Set Your Dominant Hand and Leg in Nintendo Switch Sports

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you can set your Sportsmate or Mii character’s dominant hand and leg to emulate your own (the player) when engaged in any of the various sporting events. This is to allow you more natural control of your character so you can be more competitive during matches, especially in online Pro League mode.

Steps to Set Your Character’s Dominant Hand and Leg

Below are the steps to set your Sportsmate’s or Mii’s dominant hand and leg from the game’s menu screen (Spocco Square).

1 From Spocco Square, select Options from the lower right corner of the screen (next to Customize).
2 From the Options menu, select User Settings.
3 Select Dominant Hand/Leg.
4 Set your character’s dominant hand for Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Chambara, and Tennis. Your dominant leg, meanwhile, will applied to your character when playing Soccer.

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