Puzzle Solutions List [Resident Evil 7/ RE7]

This is the detailed guide on how to solve the puzzles in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The pictures will show up as soon as we're done editing for all to see clearly.

A Horror Puzzle

No longer a heavy action-based horror game, Resident Evil 7 reveals that its more than just that. This time, there are puzzles to solve in order to get around. After all, you have to solve the puzzle to get around and not die. It’s part of Resident Evil 7’s theme: fear. The fear of constantly being under pressure, the terror that eats you out as you try not to get your head smashed in – it’s what made Resident Evil 7: Biohazard one of the most anticipated games of all time.

List of Puzzles

Projector Puzzle

When you’re running from Jack, use the light projector on the plinth in Main House 1F, Main Hall. Before you can do that, head towards the Bathroom on the Main House, 2F and drain the bathtub. And when you do that, you’ll find a Wooden Statuette. After that, head back to the Main Hall on the first floor and look for the room with the light projector. When you reach that room, place the Wooden Statuette on the pedestal and twirl it a few times to adjust the silhouette. Take note, when you’re doing this – look for the portrait with the eagle on it. You’ll notice that there is no picture of an eagle on it and you’ll have to make it appear using its shadow. When you finish adjusting the silhouette to take form of the eagle, click confirm and the door to the next portion will open.

And if Jack is running around trying to murder you with his barbed hammer, run and slam every door behind him. Thankfully, he doesn’t use that hammer to smash doors open.

Incinerator Room Puzzle

When you’re trying to get out, the first thing you have to do is find the key. For the Incinerator Room, that requires exactly that. But the first thing you have to find is the Dissection Room Key. Fortunately for you, it’s in the first room in the Processing Room area. While this is a key item, it’s unfortunately locked inside the far left incinerator chamber. For the first step, look at the memo pinned above the sink for some clues. After rummaging through the area for some clues, open the chamber door with the bloody hand print in the center of the row. Then, unlock the chamber on the far right corner to open up left-most chamber with the Dissection Key.

However, the moment you open the left chamber – a Moulded enemy will try to carve out your face. There’s no need to fight it however if you’re fast enough. Duck and run past the Moulded to grab the key off the gurney. After that, you can slam the door in its face, making it kiss the door. They can’t really run fast or chase you so, either run like your life depended on it (which it does) or a double tap to the head should do the trick.

Birthday Room Videotape Puzzle

Now, this puzzle may be a little tricky. While you’re solving this puzzle,you also have a sense of time pressure if you’re in it for the achievement. After escaping the Old House, there are two keycards to open the locked gate in the yard during the “Get the Serum Ingredients from Lucas” mission. On the way to one of those keycards, you will reach a child’s room. When you reach the child’s room, head up in the attic is the “Happy Birthday” videotape. Since it’s part of the story, you’ll end up in that room either way. Watch the tape using a TV to start the puzzle. Complete the following steps to solve it:

  1. Pick up the Candle, walk to the cake, and listen to Lucas.
  2. Open the code lock to get a Straw Doll. The combination is Chainsaw Man, Raven on Hat, and Baby. If you really want to find the code then, you can use the telescope that you picked up from the toilet. Run through the water in the cake room and check out the screens through the telescope.
  3. Get the Winding Key from keg in the cake room.
  4. Burn the Straw Doll at stove to get the Dummy Finger.
  5. Light the Candle at the stove. Burn the rope on the door with the candle. Enter the room behind door, and collect the Balloon in the corner.
  6. Put the Balloon on the gas pipe to get the Quill Pen.
  7. Put the Dummy Finger, Quill Pen, and Winding Key on the mannequin where you got the Candle.
  8. After that, the password “LOSER” on your arm will appear on your arm. Enter the password on lock in balloon room to get the Valve Handle.

Put the Valve Handle on the pipe in the cake room. Light the Candle at the stove, then put it on the cake to solve the puzzle.

You will get the “Out Before Dessert” achievement if you solve the puzzle within five minutes. You can keep replaying the tape until you get the achievement, as it may take a few tries to beat the time limit.

Birthday Room Story Puzzle 

When you reach the point where Lucas will play  with you, the teen will lure you into a familiar room. Remember the room you saw on the Happy Birthday Videotape? That’s the one. However, there is a twist. While your predecessor didn’t survive, that doesn’t mean you can’t trick him. The important part is not to get the Winding Key from the Keg. Opening the Keg will spill oil on the floor that will burn you alive. The puzzle goes a little differently than the previous one. Complete the following steps to solve it:

  1. Pick up the Candle, walk to the cake, and listen to Lucas.

  2. Light the Candle at the stove. Burn the rope on the door with the candle. Enter the room behind door and enter “LOSER” as the code.

  3. Grab the Valve Handle and use it in the cake room. Since you did not spill oil from the key, you will survive.

  4. Lucas pitches a bomb into the room. Break open the barricade in the corner and throw the bomb through the hole in the wall to solve the puzzle.

Such a puzzling delight

For those who played the Resident Evil games prior, this rebooted feature for Resident Evil 7 will definitely get people’s gears grinding. The blood-chilling fact that you have to solve the puzzle as fast you can without getting killed. That’s probably why this game became such a hit. When you’re solving these puzzles, always keep a calm head and you’ll survive just fine.

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